August 13, 2022

Three Keepers Battle for Starting Role This Fall


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State will have a new keeper between the pipes this fall. Graduate Bailey Kolinski had a stronghold on the position the last two years, playing all but 20 minutes over the course of the past two seasons. But the Buckeyes won’t be without a list of talented options.

Freshman Molly Pritchard was named one of the Players to Watch in 2020 as a member of the Atlanta Fire United. She enrolled at Ohio State last January and spent this spring with the program. Transfer Kat Robinson played the last four seasons at Pitt, where she appeared in goal in 35 games. She has 125 career saves and was part of eight shutouts. Haley Roberts has been with the program the last two seasons and has learned the system alongside Kolinski.

Head coach Lori Walker Hock’s thoughts on the goalkeepers

Molly Pritchard
Molly is one of the most talented first year goalkeepers I have ever seen in our league. She is ferociously competitive and dangerously courageous. She has a strong fame with long arms and the best vertical on our team. Her ability and willingness to catch crosses in traffic is that of a seasoned veteran. She is two footed and comfortable with the ball at her feet from playing on the field in high school. Molly has excellent technical skills and soft hands. She continues to grow every day. Her decision making and depth of understanding of both her role and the game are consistently expanding.

Kat Robinson
A transfer from the ACC, Kat has tremendous shot stopping abilities at the bar and in quick reaction situations. Her size and range allow her to dominate the air on crosses while her experience provides a calm and firm voice behind our back line. Kat is the quintessential professional in terms of physical preparation and fitness. It has been a joy teaching her the nuances of goalkeeping in such a short period of time as there is so much more to the position than just shot stopping. Our only mutual regret is that we are limited to one semester together. I wish I had more time to work with, teach, and help Kat grow as a goalkeeper and a leader. She has been a perfect addition to our culture and our team.

Haley Roberts
Haley is one of the strongest close-range shot stoppers in our goalkeeping core. Her willingness to sacrifice her body and fearless approach to protecting the net are inspiring during training.  Her personality is electric, and she is the type of player that adds both heart and humor to our team. She has grown so much since her arrival as both a goalkeeper and an athlete. Haley is an excellent teammate who is always looking out for others.