Written by Paul Bland, Ohio State Athletics Communications Student Assistant

A 6′ 1” senior forward, Sarah Schulze has used every season to gradually work her way into the prominent role of a starting senior. Since starting every game last season, Schulze has been determined to give her best every game and to never quit, even when adversity has come her way.

Schulze’s career was dealt a major blow a month ago, sustaining injuries to her MCL and ACL against Michigan State Jan. 16 that have forced her to the sidelines ever since. Now, she relies on her faith and perseverance to guide her teammates from the bench until she’s able to return to the court.

Read further and experience more of what Schulze has to offer as she shares her experiences as a Buckeye and personal insights from her time at Ohio State.

Q:  How difficult has it been sitting out since your injury?

A: If we win it doesn’t hurt me a bit! In reality though, I know I want to play every game and knowing that there’s no chance of getting in is rough.

Q:  What was your initial reaction when you went down?

A: I knew I tore something immediately. When I landed, I knew my knee moved the wrong way and that I was in trouble. I thought that even if it was a season ending injury, I knew that I had given my all every game and left everything on the court.

Q:  Tayler Hill has mentioned that you have the same pregame ritual. How did you develop your routine and what does it include?

A: Before each game I pray the rosary and the divine mercy chaplet for the team’s safety. Usually, I also take a short nap. I like the ritual because it gives me something to take my mind off of the game.  It gives me the chance to calm my nerves and keeps me relaxed. 

Q:  Which team has been your favorite to play against and why?

A:  I love playing at Purdue. The atmosphere there is great.

Q: Growing up, were there any teams that inspired you before playing at the college level?

A:  I really enjoyed watching Sue Bird play for Connecticut. Playing against my brother also inspired me and now it’s great because I can beat him.

Q:  Teammates look to seniors to provide the leadership and experience foundation for the team. Now that you are out for the time-being, what advice have you been giving younger teammates?

A:  I tell them not to take any of the time they have here for granted, and enjoy playing for Ohio State. Sometimes when you’re just starting college, you want to get it all over with and onto the next thing. Now that I look back, I wish I wouldn’t have wanted to get out of here so fast.

Q:  How do you feel you and your teammates have handled adversity so far this season and what motivates you as a team player?

A: I think we’ve handled it well. I think the best part of our team is that we’ve never given up on ourselves. Sometimes, I think when teams lose a couple games they want to throw in the towel, but I refuse to quit and I think that’s a great.  I hate losing and cannot stand not giving each game my best.

Q: Have you made any plans for after the season? What is your outlook ahead and what are you most looking forward to?

A:  I’m looking forward to moving home in June. I know I’m planning on making some visits to some religious orders over the summer. It’s basically up to God where I go next.

Q: What part of college are you going to miss the most?

A:  I’m going to definitely miss the free time.  A lot of people probably think that I’m constantly busy, but I manage my time well enough to where I have a lot of time to relax. I like that I’ve had time to read as much as I want or go to church every day. Another huge part of what I’m going to miss is all of the support that comes from my teammates and coaches. They’re all wonderful people that have helped me out a lot.