January 16, 2021

Ohio State Tops Penn State, 163.5-134.5, in 2021 Opener



COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State men’s swimming and diving team won its opening meet of the 2021 season over Penn State Saturday at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion. The Buckeyes’ posted a winning score of 163.5 points while Penn State scored 134.5.

Freshman Charlie Clark was a double winner, taking first in both the 1,000 and 500 freestyles. Senior Joseph Canova won both the 1- and 3-meter springboard diving events.

This was the first competition for the program, under the direction of Bill Dorenkott, since March 2020 when the team’s season ended prior to the NCAA championships because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The men had just recently taken runner-up honors at the 2020 Big Ten Conference championships and were poised for a terrific NCAA meet before the stoppage.

“It felt really good to compete,” Dorenkott said. “It’s been 10 months since we competed and I want to thank Gene Smith and everyone in our athletics department who worked so hard to make today a reality.

“I do also want to thank Penn State and coach Tim Murphy. He and his team have navigated this pandemic very well and I’m appreciative to him and his team for their willingness to come to Columbus and race.”

Penn State opened the 2021 race season for the two squads with a win in the 200 medley relay, but Ohio State took the top three places in the next two events – the 1,000 free and the 200 free – to jump out to a 38-17 advantage.

The freshman Clark picked up the first win for the Buckeyes of 2021, taking first in the 1,000 freestyle in 9:07.90 and finishing a full 11 seconds in front of his next closest competitor. Junior North Hansen and senior Carson Burt were second and third, respectively.

In the 200 free, decorated and talented senior Paul Delakis swam to victory in 1:37.68 with junior John Sampson second and freshman Shaw Satterfield third.

Junior Jason Mathews’ win in the 100 breaststroke led a 14-point event for the Buckeyes and increased the team’s lead to 61-32 after the first five swimming events of the afternoon.

Penn State cut the lead in half at 73-58 following consecutive victories in the 200 butterfly and 50 freestyle, but then Ohio State’s divers – senior Joseph Canova, junior Jacob Fielding and senior Jacob Siler – went one-two-three, respectively, on the 3-meter board to increase Ohio State’s lead back to 29 points at 89-60.

Sophomore Hunter Armstrong then topped his second-place performance in the 100 backstroke by tying for first in the 100 freestyle in :44.62 with junior Sam Andreis third and sophomore Jay Johnson fifth.

A total of four Penn State victories in the next five events helped close the Ohio State lead to just 21 points, 132.5-111.5, heading in the final two races of the meet. Penn State claimed them both as well – the 200 individual medley and the 400 free relay – but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Buckeyes’ lead.

The Ohio State divers – Canova, Fielding and Siler – swept the top three places on the 1-meter to re-establish a comfortable margin for the Buckeyes at 148.5-113.5. Delakis, Thomas Watkins and Mathews countered the PSU 200 IM win by taking second, third and fourth, respectively, and then Ohio State picked up six points on the 400 free relay to close the meet with a 29-point win.

There were eight senior swimmers and divers who were honored prior to the start of the meet on “senior day”.

“I am really happy for this senior class,” Dorenkott said. “As I had said before: we came close multiple times to not even being able to compete, so to have a senior day and to be able to honor these terrific young men is something for which I am very grateful.”

The eight seniors honored this afternoon included:

  • Carson Burt, a finance major from Cincinnati, Ohio;
  • Joe Canova, who is from Gaithersburg, Md., and is majoring in data analytics;
  • Paul DeLakis, from Eau Claire, Wisc., and who is a biology major;
  • Connor Isings, from Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada, and who is majoring in mechanical engineering/robotics and automation;
  • Colin McDermott, from Granville, Ohio and is majoring in finance;
  • Evan McFadden, from Oreland, Pa., and who is majoring in aeronautical engineering;
  • Jacob Siler, a diver from Knoxville, Tenn who is majoring in speech and hearing science; and
  • Evan Stapp, from Tipp City, Ohio, and is a sport industry major.

Team Scores
Ohio State – 163.5
Penn State – 134.5

Event Results
(All Ohio State point scorers listed)

 200 medley relay: 1. PSU A, 1:27.68; 2. OSU B (Kondalski, Mathews, Fleagle, Armstrong), 1:27.90; 3. Ohio State A (McDermott, McDaniel, Khouzam, Andreis), 1:28.23
1,000 freestyle: 1. Charlie Clark, OSU (9:07.90); 2. North Hansen, OSU (9:18.95); 3. Carson Burt, OSU (9:19.80)
200 freestyle: 1. Paul Delakis, OSU (1:37.68); 2. John Sampson, OSU (1:40.35); 3. Shaw Satterfield, OSU (1:41.34)
100 backstroke: 1. Michael Daly, PSU (:47.24); 2. Hunter Armstrong, OSU (:48.38); 3. Thomas Watkins, OSU (:48.54); 4. RJ Kondalski, OSU (:48.93)
100 breaststroke: 1. Jason Mathews, OSU (:53.41); 3. Hudson McDaniel, OSU (:54.84); 4. Evan McFadden, OSU (:55.74)
200 butterfly: 1. Zac Zwijacz, PSU (1:47.42); 3. Chachi Gustafson, OSU (1:51.23); 4. Jean-Pierre Khouzam, OSU (1:53.08); 5. Matthew Magness, OSU (1:53.37)
50 freestyle: 1. Will Roberson, PSU (:19.85); 3. Sem Andreis, OSU (:20.12); 4. Justin Fleagle, OSU (:20.59); 5. Colin McDermott, OSU (:21.51)
3-meter diving: 1. Joseph Canova, OSU (426.38); 2. Jacob Fielding, OSU (423.38); 3. Jacob Siler, OSU (413.10)
100 freestyle: T1. Hunter Armstrong, OSU and Will Roberson, PSU (:44.62); 3. Sem Andreis, OSU (:45.69); 5. Jay Johnson, OSU (:46.64)
200 backstroke: 1. Michael Daly, PSU (1:44.04); 2. Thomas Watkins, OSU (1:45.88); 4. RJ Kondalski, OSU (1:49.71); 5. Owen Conley, OSU (1:52.26)
200 breaststroke: 1. Daniel Raisanen, PSU (1:58.89); 2. Jason Mathews, OSU (1:59.10); 4. Paul Delakis, OSU (2:01.66); 5. Evan McFadden, OSU (2:04.42)
500 freestyle: 1. Charlie Clark, OSU (4:30.47); 2. North Hansen, OSU (4:35.89); Carson Burt, OSU (4:37.33)
100 butterfly: 1. Zac Zwijacz, PSU (:48.15); 4. Jean-Pierre Khouzam, OSU (:50.02)
1-meter diving: 1. Joseph Canova, OSU (394.13); 2. Jacob Fielding, OSU (368.18); 3. Jacob Siler, OSU (353.33)
200 individual medley: 1. Hayden Harlow, PSU (1:49.96); 2. Paul Delakis, OSU (1:50.21); 3. Thomas Watkins, OSU (1:51.87); 4. Jason Mathews, OSU (1:54.06)
400 freestyle relay: 1. PSU A, 2:58.51; 2. OSU A (Armstrong, Andreis, Fleagle, Delakis), 2:59.37; 3. Ohio State B (Khouzam, Stapp, Satterfield, Johnson), 3:04.61