September 14, 2018

Four Former Buckeyes Compete in World Championships



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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Four former Buckeyes are competing on the world stage at the 2018 World Rowing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Ainia Cid Centelles (Spain), Ilse Paulis (Netherlands), Holly Norton (Great Britain) and Elodie Ravera-Scaramozzino (France) are all competing for their respective countries in hopes of bringing home a world title. The regatta started on Sunday (Sept. 9) and will continue through the weekend, ending on Sunday.

More than halfway through the event, the Buckeyes are on their way to A and B Final finishes. Cid Centelles, who is racing in Spain’s Women’s Pair, earned a 7:15.30 third place finish in the second Semifinal A/B on Thursday to secure a lane in the A Final on Saturday. Norton and Great Britain’s Women’s Eight finished fourth in the first repechange with a time of 6:04.63 to earn a spot in Saturday’s A Final. Paulis, rowing in the Netherlands’ Lightweight Double Sculls, recorded a time of 6:57.76 to qualify for the Semifinal A/B on Thursday. With a 7:05.62 finish in the semifinal race, she and her team advanced to the A Final on Saturday. Ravera-Scaramozzino and France’s Double Sculls finished 6:75.76 in the first heat. After racing to a second place finish in the first repechange with a time of 7:00.75, the boat went on to finish 6:54.85 in the Semifinal A/B and earn a lane in the B Final.

Cid Cetelles, Ravera-Scarramozzino and Norton all rowed in the 2017 World Rowing Championships in Sarasota, Fla. The three were members of the 2014 First Varsity Eight boat that combined for a record of 34-0 and won the national title that same season. Paulis rowed for the Buckeyes in 2012 and was a member of the First Varsity Eight that took second place at the Big Ten Championships.



2018 World Rowing Championships

Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Finals listed in local time)

W2- Results| LW2X Results| W2X Results| W8+ Results


Sunday, Sept. 9


ESP – 7:15.71 (second fastest time in heat three) -> qualify for Semifinal A/B


NED – 6:57.76 (fastest time in heat four) -> qualify for Semifinal A/B


Monday, Sept. 10


FRA – 6:57.76 (third fastest time in first heat) -> raced in Repechange


Wednesday, Sept. 12


FRA – 7:00.75 (second in Repechange 1) -> advance to Semifinal A/B


GBR – 6:04.36 (second in heat two) -> advance to Repechange


Thursday, Sept. 13


NED – 7:05.62 (first in Semifinal A/B 2) -> advance to A Final


ESP – 7:15.30 (third in Semifinal A/B 2) -> advance to A Final


Friday, Sept. 14


FRA – 6:54.85 (sixth in Semifinal A/B) -> advance to B Final


GBR – 6:04.63 (fourth in Repechange 1) -> advance to A Final


Saturday, Sept. 15


NED – A Final (5:01 a.m.)


ESP – A Final (4:30 a.m.)


Sunday, Sept. 16


GRB – A Final (5:47 a.m.)


FRA – B Final (4:02 a.m.)