June 8, 2018

Buckeye Breakdown | C.J. Jackson | Coaching


Alyssa Jacobs, an Athletics Communications intern and member of the Ohio State dance team, will be diving deeper into the internships of fellow Huntington Bucks Go Pro participants over the next eight weeks. First up is C.J. Jackson.

C.J. Jackson, a rising senior on the men’s basketball team, is gaining applicable work experience this summer interning within the coaching division of Ohio State Athletics.

As a Huntington Bucks Go Pro coaching intern, Jackson is currently working with the men’s lacrosse director of operations, Mark Bergey. This internship is the perfect way for him to put his degree (sport industry) into practice and learn from an accomplished athletics program.

Jackson has been getting experience in the logistical side of the industry, assisting in budgeting, planning, and film preparation for the team. He will also get the opportunity to work with the women’s basketball program later in his internship.

Long seasons and a tireless work ethic keep Jackson busy in the Schottenstein Center, and he says one of the biggest draws to the program was the chance to build relationships with other student-athletes.

“My passions have always been centered around sports,” Jackson said. “My major is sports industry, and I love basketball and Ohio State. Bucks Go Pro was the perfect way to mix my academic and athletic lives.”

“One of the best parts of being an Ohio State student-athlete is the opportunities we are lucky enough to get.”

Surprisingly enough, Jackson wasn’t talking about the Nike gear or the international excursion to Spain he will embark upon with his team. Jackson was talking about the elite internship program that is Huntington Bucks Go Pro.

Fourteen years ago, a kindgarten CJ Jackson dreamed of being a basketball player when he grew up. Living his childhood dream, he hopes to continue the game for as long as he can. When Jackson can no longer play, he hopes to use his talents to develop other athletes.

With the ultimate career goal of coaching a major college program, CJ understands that it’s all about the connections you make and experience you acquire. He’s hoping that this internship is a step in the right direction.

After transferring from Eastern Florida State, Jackson immediately began to make an impact on the Ohio State basketball program, and has only grown since. In his sophomore season, he played in all 32 games and started in nine. His junior season was even more impressive, averaging 12.6 points per game with a season-high 23 points in the game versus Stanford. Every Buckeye hoops fan can remember his stand-out performance during the then number-one-ranked Michigan State game and his spectacular winning shot in double OT versus Indiana.

The ceiling is clearly high for CJ.

The guard from North Carolina cites his favorite memory in scarlet and gray as the selection show for the NCAA tournament.

“I guess what was running through my mind in that moment was just pride for how far we had come as a program, especially when no one expected it from us,” Jackson said.

Losing four passionate and talented seniors has left many concerned that Ohio State hoops will suffer a leadership deficit in the upcoming season.

Jackson is excited for the challenge.

The exponential growth of the program in the first season under Coach Holtmann was described as the best story in all of college basketball. For the program to continue its momentum, it will take leadership and tenacity from the players, both qualities Jackson will undoubtedly cultivate during his time in the Huntington Bucks Go Pro program this summer.