January 6, 2020

Q&A: Kyle Young


Kyle Young is one of the leaders of this young Ohio State team and anchors the frontcourt alongside Kaleb Wesson. The Canton, Ohio, native is in his third year with the program and has shown exactly how tough and relentless a player he is. Young makes contributions on both sides of the court and has constant energy which led to the first double-double of his career his in the season opener versus Cincinnati. The junior looks to make even bigger strides in his game this season and help lead Ohio State to the tournament once again.

What have you enjoyed most about being a part of this team?
“I really just like how close we are and connected, you know we all really like to hang out with each other. It’s been a good time working hard with each other this offseason and we’re excited to see what this year brings.”

The team performed well last year making the second round of the Tournament. What is your mindset going into this season for the team and your role?
“Similar goals. We obviously want to get back to the Tournament, go farther than we did last year, that’s always the goal. Personally, I just want to do whatever I can to improve my game and we’ll see what that brings this year.”

What do you bring to this Buckeye team that is unique and different from your teammates?
“I don’t know that I necessarily would say unique and different, but you know I try to play the same way every time I go out there. I’m going to play hard and try to do whatever I can to help the team, whatever that may be.”

How has the coaching staff helped you develop your game in your time at Ohio State?
“The coaches have done a great job with that aspect of it because I think my game has grown a lot in the past two years and I’m ready to showcase this year a little bit more than I did last year.”

If you could play another sport for Ohio State, what would you play?
“I think it would be between football and baseball because I grew up playing both of those and I had a love for both of them.”

What person has had the most influence on your life and helped you the most?
“My mom. She shows me every day how strong she is, how hard of a worker she is. She’s always been there for me and I can always count on her.”

What are your goals for this season, on and off the court?
“I would say to just keep developing as a player and a person in any way that I can. Just to try and become a better man.”

Your prediction for the team this year?
“Tough to tell this early but we are going to come in every day and work hard and just know that we are going to be ready whenever we step onto the court.”