October 3, 2021

Ryan Day Postgame Quotes – Rutgers


Ohio State Head Coach Ryan Day postgame comments – Rutgers

Q: On evaluating CJ Stroud and how a week of rest looked like it helped him
A: “I thought it showed during and who knows, maybe gave him a little perspective watching the game last week, watching meetings, watching practice. We’ll see, but he did player better tonight and there’s still a lot of football ahead of us but it was encouraging to see the way he did.”

“Our message all week has been toughness. How does the quarterback show toughness, he avoids a rush and makes a play like that. I thought there were times where we were down to the goal line there and the ball popped out, and it’s the first time we’ve really got a live one on the one yard line for . He kind of salvaged that and got back on the ball and then he took a hit on the touchdown pass. But overall I thought our team played more toughness than it did in the pass. This was an important game for us because I felt like September 2, a month ago, when we played Minnesota we were a much different team and I felt like that going into this week, but we hadn’t shown it yet. I felt like we some a glimpse of that tonight.”

Q: On getting experience.
“I also think we you look at Ronnie Hickman, Cam Martinez, Tyreke Smith, Stroud, TreVeyon Henderson, Cody Simon … these were all guys who had zero starts in their career. They are not young anymore. They have five games under their belt so they’re not young anymore. They are not inexperienced. They have games under their belts so know we know what to expect. We also know what guys can give us meaningful minutes and who needs to continue to work hard to get where they need to be to become a contributor and create a role for themselves. We just didn’t have that last year. A game like this allows a bunch of different guys to get on the field and all meaningful stuff.”

Q: On the first two Big Ten games on the road.
“It’s good to get those two wins for sure. With a young team and the way the schedule played out, it was what it was. We had to handle it. It made us stronger though. It has. Going on the road and handling a loss the second game of the year and those type of things has made us stronger and we can continue to build on this and that’s been the whole goal. If we get better week-in and week-out and continue to get these guys reps, keep coaching better, giving them a better opportunity to be successful then hopefully we’ll pick up our head in about a month where we need to be in November.”

Q: On the defense
“I think you can see. It’s a bunch of guys who are expecting to make plays. Before they were just trying to get lined up and everything they were doing was for the first time. I thought the defensive staff did a good job this week with the plan. They mixed up the looks. I thought we created disruption in the backfield and were able to create some turnovers. You have to play well early in conference games on like this on the road and take the crowd out of it.”

Q: More on Stroud:
“This is what he’s (CJ Stroud) capable of. Now he’s got to bring it. He’s got to be consistent. There’s still a lot of things we’ll watch on film tomorrow and get corrected and get fixed. Now there’s a body of work on film. Now guys are going to look at him and try to attack him different ways. He’s going to have to have answers. And that’s playing in the Big Ten, but you can see what he’s capable of.

Q: On Mitch Rossi:
“Mitch has done nothing but everything we’ve asked him to do. He’s a very tough young man. He’s works really hard. He deserves everything he’s getting. He’s the quarterback of the punt team. All those thankless jobs. I’m glad we have him. He’s one of the more reliable guys on our team.”