May 15, 2022

No. 9 Buckeyes Win 2022 Big Ten Championships


2022 Big Ten Championships | Big Ten Release

Date: Sunday, May 15
Location: Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis
Final Results:  | Twitter: (@OhioStateWROW)

COLUMBUS, Ohio—No. 9 Ohio State won its 10th Big Ten Championship Sunday winning four races and finishing second in the remaining three at the Indianapolis Rowing Center in Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis. Final results are below.

The league title is the first Kate Sweeney, now in her third year as head coach of the Buckeyes. She guided Ohio State to a second place finish a year ago in her first conference regatta.

The Buckeyes crossed the finish line first in the first novice eight, second varsity four, first varsity four and first varsity eight races while earning second place in the second novice eight, third varsity four and second varsity eight contests.

Ohio State’s first varsity eight boat owns nine Big Ten titles. The first varsity four owns 10 titles while the first novice eight has six. The second varsity four has been conference champions eight times.

The Buckeyes scored 184 points Sunday in the seven-race event ahead of No. 2 Michigan (174) and No. 3 Rutgers (137).

Ohio State has won the Big Ten title 10 times, including eight of the last 11 years in which the championships have been held. The 2020 season was canceled because of COVID.

The Buckeyes finished second in 2019 after winning the title six-consecutive times from 2013-18.

In addition to the No. 9 Buckeyes, three other Big Ten schools were ranked among the Top 20 nationally heading into the league championships–No. 6 Michigan, No. 17 Indiana and No. 18 Rutge

Following the races Sunday, the Big Ten announced its all-conference winners. The Buckeyes were represented on the first team by Lexie Nothdurft along with Anneta and Maria Kyridou.  Alessandra Montesano and Rachel DeWitte were named to the second team. Leandra Hogrefe was the Ohio State Sportsmanship Award winner.

First Team All-Big Ten
Laura Feinson, Indiana
Emma Dabinett, Iowa
Grace Collins, Michigan
Kate Burns, Michigan
Maya Elbaranes, Michigan State
Lindsay Eliasen, Minnesota
Anneta Kyridou, Ohio State
Maria Kyridou, Ohio State
Lexie Nothdurft, Ohio State
Hannah Heideveld, Ruters
Hannah Cooper, Wisconsin

Second Team All-Big Ten

Piper Maaka, Indiana
Ella Cunningham, Indiana
Abbey Klostermann, Iowa
Jessica Schoonbee, Michigan
Charlotte Powers, Michigan
Andrea Blanzy, Michigan State
Gabby Mullaly, Minnesota
Alessandra Montesano, Ohio State
Rachel DeWitte, Ohio State
Luisa Neerschulte, Rutgers
Brandi Gueths, Wisconsin

Sportsmanship Award Honorees
Sophie Bowden, Indiana
Molly Rygh, Iowa
Lillian Mei, Michigan
Avery Rugg, Michigan State
Harriet Haege, Minnesota
Leandra Hogrefe, Ohio State
Emily Mahaffy, Rutgers
Olivia Bratzke, Wisconsin

How the 2022 Big Ten Championship Was Won

In the opening race of the day, Michigan led at 500 meters in the second novice eight battle with Wisconsin close behind and just ahead of the Buckeyes. Rutgers took over second, closing in at 1,000 meters behind the Wolverines. Ohio State put on a rush at the finish but was edged out by the Scarlet Knights (6:55.477) in a photo finish in front of the Buckeyes (6:55.779).

After a brief delay because of debris on the course, the first novice eight race started with the Buckeyes taking the early lead ahead of Rutgers. Ohio State built a boat-length lead over Michigan at 1,000 meters. The Wolverines made a charge over the final half of the race but it was not enough as the Buckeyes earned the win with a time of 6:39.098.

There was another delay before the start of the varsity four races because of an equipment issue with one of the boats. Once started, Ohio State and Rutgers battled for the lead in the third varsity four contest. Michigan and Rutgers led after 650 meters with the Buckeyes third. Ohio State took over second at 1,000 meters. The Wolverines pulled away for the win over the final half of the race ahead of the No. 2 Buckeyes.

Ohio State took the early lead in the second varsity four race in front of Rutgers. The Buckeyes remained in the lead at the 1,000 meter mark ahead of the Scarlet Knights and Michigan. Ohio State built a boat-length lead over Michigan to lead at 1,000 meters and went on to win with a time of 7:05.968.

In the first varsity four race , Ohio State built a quick lead over Michigan by about 12 feet. The Buckeyes built the lead to almost a boat length at 1,000 meters. Ohio State did not let up over the final half of the race to win easily over the Wolverines.

Rutgers, Ohio State and Michigan were the early leaders in the second varsity eight race. At 500 meters, Michigan owned a slight edge over the Buckeyes by about a second. The Wolverines built a half-boat lead over Ohio State at 750 meters and held to win narrowly over the Buckeyes.

In the final race of the day it was again Ohio State and Michigan battling for the win and the Big Ten title.  Indiana took the early lead over Ohio State and Michigan at 500 meters. The Buckeyes took control at about 750 meters and were about a half boat ahead of Michigan at 1,000 meters. Ohio State held the lead at 1,500 meters and edged the Wolverines for the win to claim the 2022 Big Ten Championship.

Next Up: NCAA Selection Show
The NCAA DI Rowing Selection Show will air Tuesday, May 17th at 5 p.m. on A link to the show will be on the front page of

Big Ten Championships Race Scoring (Points)

RACE: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
I Varsity Eight 72 63 54 45 36 27 18 9
II Varsity Eight 48 42 36 30 24 18 12 6
I Varsity Four 24 21 18 15 12 9 6 3
II Varsity Four 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2
I Novice Eight 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2
II Novice Eight 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
III Varsity Four 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

2022 Big Ten Championships Final Scores

  1.  Ohio State – 184 points (clinched with photo finish win in 1V8 by less than 0.6 seconds)
  2.  Michigan – 174
  3.  Rutgers – 137
  4.  Indiana – 115
  5.  Iowa – 75
  6.  Wisconsin – 70
  7.  Minnesota – 59
  8.  Michigan State – 47

Ohio State Lineups/Results 

9 a.m. (2N8)

1 Rutgers 06:55.477
2 Ohio State 06:55.779
3 Michigan 06:59.093
4 Michigan State 07:18.326
5 Wisconsin 07:24.568
6 Iowa 07:48.184

2N8 (Ohio State Lineup)
C: Ellie Bujwalo-Nowak
S: Maddie Reents
7-Mollly Hillman
6-Maggie Livingston
5-Kristen Hammond
4-Ava Fortney
3-Alex Gluntz
2-Morgan Miller
B: Erika Linton

9:20 a.m. (1N8)

1 Ohio State 06:39.098
2 Michigan 06:41.900
3 Rutgers 06:52.529
4 Wisconsin 06:54.645
5 Indiana 06:58.304
6 Michigan State 07:08.049
7 Iowa 07:09.058
8 Minnesota 07:21.464

1N8 (Ohio State Lineup)
C: Regan McElwee
S: Carlotta Wolff
7-Taylor Benedict
6-Leandra Hogrefe
5-Emma Hall
4-Jillian Johnson
3-Kira Katterle
2-Lydia Stute
B: Jenna Unkefer

9:40 a.m. (3V4)

1 Michigan 07:17.532
2 Ohio State 07:21.901
3 Rutgers 07:28.920
4 Wisconsin 07:43.564
5 Iowa 07:47.356
6 Indiana 07:51.116
7 Michigan State 07:52.579
8 Minnesota 07:58.761

3V4 (Ohio State Lineup)
S: Savannah Sellers
3-Katie Clouse
2-Svea Pichner
B: Amelie Sens
C: Mia Mulhearn

10 a.m. (2V4)

1 Ohio State 07:05.968
2 Michigan 07:08.866
3 Rutgers 07:14.023
4 Iowa 07:24.163
5 Indiana 07:29.301
6 Wisconsin 07:35.431
7 Michigan St. 07:35.868
8 Minnesota 07:47.891

2V4 (Ohio State Lineup)
S: Noah Fletcher
3-Megan Murphy
2-Isabelle Huebener
B: Liz Paul
C: Kaitlin Pang

10:20 a.m. (1V4)

1 Ohio State 7:01.378
2 Michigan 7:09.499
3 Rutgers 7:16.119
4 Michigan St. 7:22.103
5 Indiana 7:26.344
6 Wisconsin 7:26.779
7 Minnesota 7:28.751
8 Iowa 7:33.718

1V4 (Ohio State Lineup)
S: Alaina Hawthorn
3-Emma Wilson
2-Kristen Devolve
B: Jamie Harris
C: Charli Ulmer

10:40 (2V8)

1 Michigan 6:23.917
2 Ohio State 6:24.305
3 Rutgers 6:32.789
4 Indiana 6:34.639
5 Iowa 6:41.863
6 Wisconsin 6:42.565
7 Minnesota 6:48.085
8 Michigan St. 6:56.998

2V8 (Ohio State Lineup)
C: Divya Batchu
S: Grace Pabst
7-Paige Wheeler
6-Natalie Chourova
5-Megan McNutt
4-Katelyn Bartos
3-Gabrielle Schmidt
2-Pau Koster
B: Morgan Zahner

11 a.m. (1V8)

1 Ohio State 6:13.883
2 Michigan 6:14.446
3 Indiana 6:20.752
4 Rutgers 6:21.012
5 Minnesota 6:26.860
6 Iowa 6:29.798
7 Wisconsin 6:37.448
8 Michigan St. 6:46.488

1V8 (Ohio State Lineup)
C: Katie Hinton
S: Anneta Kyridou
7-Maria Kyridou
6-Lexie Nothdurft
5-Rachel DeWitte
4-Jessy Vermeer
3-Alessandra Montesano
2-Ollie Clotten
B: Tess Thompson


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