August 9, 2022

⛺️Linebackers Talk Fall Camp


Ohio State held Day 5 of fall training camp Tuesday and the Linebackers met with media afterwards to discuss team progress.

Jim Knowles, Defensive Coordinator & Linebackers Coach

On being a top 5 defensive line coming into this year:

“It’s great to be at The Ohio State because the expectations are high and that’s what I’ve always wanted.”

On Cameron Martinez:

“I was impressed with him since I first saw him. I think he’s got quickness, he’s got toughness, he’s got a mental attitude of fortitude. He’s a guy who’s a playmaker, focused, and doesn’t get upset, doesn’t panic. He makes a play and comes back, (and then) makes another one. He doesn’t say much but you can see he’s locked in.”

Teradja Mitchell, Linebacker

On the goal of the defense right now:

“We’re trying to establish the line of scrimmage every time we play. Obviously the offense does that, but on defense, we want to do that now. We want to take the line of scrimmage, we want to control the game and be aggressive.”

On expectations for a top 5 defense:

“To us, we can’t really look at the expectations. Everyday we’ve got to come in and work and lay the groundwork. We’ve got to build our house. We’re starting over so we have to start with the foundation. We’re working on the little things and we’ll worry about results later but right now we’re just focused on the process.”

Cody Simon, Linebacker

On what Coach Knowles expects from the linebackers:

“You have to always be the most physical and you have to lead the defense. He really emphasizes that we need to lead that defense, take control and just be the enforcers of the defense. We have to make sure everybody else is right and if something isn’t right, we fix it.”

On the importance of relying on your instincts and athleticism:

“Instincts are always important, but when we watch film and try to prepare for teams, we want to be able to predict what they’re going to do. So we have a lot of different keys and a lot of different things that we’re looking for. It’ll allow us to play a lot faster than if we were to just rely on instincts. One thing that our coaches are helping us with a lot is being able to read keys and know what’s going to come before it comes.”


Tommy Eichenberg, Linebacker

On linebacker Chip Trayanum getting his black stripe removed:

“He’s a grinder. He works hard every single day [as a] first year back and linebacker and he does a phenomenal job. He’s going to make a player when his number is called.”

On the linebacking depth coming into this year:

“A lot of people got reps. Those game reps are important. They’ve seen many plays and different offenses so we’re very deep and have accountable guys that we can put in when we need.”

Steele Chambers, Linebacker

On how summer work has led into the fall:

“It’s been a great summer. Leading up to camp it was a great time creating leadership and that community. Now you can see it translate to camp. We’re just a closer team, a better team, and that’s going to go a long way.”


On what Coach Knowles brought to camp:

“Switching back and forth between different packages, mixing up the looks, making sure you never see one thing twice, it’s a really complicated defense but once you get it down it’s a really fun one.”


Palaie Gaoteote IV

On his health coming into this season:

“Physically, I’m feeling good. [I’m] coming back from an injury from the spring. As far as right now, I feel great. I feel 100%, and I’m just trying to get better everyday.”

On Coach Knowles’ approach now that games are on the horizon:

“Everything is getting broken down to where you can see it from his point of view, whether it’s doing some technique or alignment. Everything that he’s teaching is from his point of view and how he would play it being on the field.”