New comprehensive training and wellness facility built to continue stellar tradition of competitive success


360-Degree Tour: Schumaker Complex

Look through the Schumaker Complex, the main student-athlete hub at Ohio State.

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360-Degree Tour: Athletics District

Look through the entirety of the Ohio State Athletics District.

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State-of-the-Art Student-Athlete Hub

The Schumaker serves as the center of the new Athletics District

At Ohio State, the Department of Athletics’ training and competitive facilities are its classrooms, wherein talented student-athletes hone their skills and reach their potential. Coaches prepare student-athletes for competition and success as students, athletes and citizens. Teams focus on winning, but winning transcends the final score of any game or grade point average. Winning is about succeeding in life.

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Strength Training

Strength and training facilities are used year-round by student-athletes to enhance their fitness levels and reach their potential. These facilities are classrooms linked to athletic success.

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Athletic Training

The Schumaker provides a state-of-the-art facility for the nutritional, physical, and psychological development of student-athletes on 33 teams at Ohio State.

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More than 1,100  student-athletes have access to lift, condition, train and rehabilitate injuries in the complex, while also benefiting from nutritional and mental preparation for peak performance.


Ohio State student-athletes have 24/7 365 days a year access to top nutritional options to fuel recovery inside The Schumaker

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Ohio State student-athletes have daily access to state-of-the-art classroom space for various methods of study

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Areas will provide student-athletes and their coaches the optimal training and competitive environments.

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Click here to learn about some of the highlights that make the Schumaker a sustainable, green building.