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Welcome to the Gene Smith Podcast, presented by Encova, where we sit down each month to speak with the Ohio State Senior Vice President & Wolfe Foundation Endowed Athletics Director to talk about the current state of OSU Athletics.

Smith was looking for a way to tell Ohio State’s success stories and celebrate the student-athletes, coaches and staff that make up Ohio State Athletics. To accomplish this goal, The Gene Smith Podcast was born.

Listen below for the latest episodes, and look for new episodes each month.

Season 4, Episode 5 | Ohio State Senior Vice President & Wolfe Foundation Endowed Athletics Director Gene Smith speaks with Mike Bohn, the Charles Griffin Cale Director of Athletics at the University of Southern California.

Season 4, Episode 4 | The weekly Q&AD segment with Gene, where he takes questions from listeners.

Season 4, Episode 3 | Gene speaks with Ohio State Director of Name, Image, and Likeness, Logan Hittle.

Season 4, Episode 2 | In his Q&AD segment, Gene Smith fields listener questions. Submit your questions for the next Q & AD segment. 


Season 4, Episode 1 | Gene speaks with Football Head Coach Ryan Day and Women’s Volleyball Head Coach Jen Flynn Oldenburg.

🔊 Season 3 | Episode 9: Gene welcomes Senior Deputy Athletic Director & SWA, Janine Oman, Head Coach of Ohio State Women’s Ice Hockey, Nadine Muzerall, and Women’s Volleyball player Sydney Taylor to discuss the 50th anniversary of Title IX and the current state of women’s athletics at Ohio State.

Learn more about women’s athletics history at Ohio State by visiting the Title IX 50th Anniversary page and the Women’s Athletics Excellence page.


🔊 Season 3 | Episode 8: Gene welcomes Brett Scarbrough, Senior Associate AD, Ticketing & Premium Seating, and Jordan Birkemeier, Associate AD, Annual Giving & Buckeye Club.


🔊 Season 3 | Episode 7: Gene talks with representatives from the Buckeye Inclusion program at Ohio State and additional student organizations 


🔊 Season 3 | Episode 6: Gene welcomes former Buckeye standouts Anthony Gonzalez and Caity Matter

🔊 Season 3 | Episode 5: Gene exchanges fond memories with longtime season ticket holders and stadium usher


🔊 Season 3 | Episode 4: AD Chats continued

Gene welcomes former Ohio State admin and current AD at Pittsburgh Heather Lyke


🔊 Season 3 | Episode 3: AD Chats   

Gene welcomes back former Ohio State administrators Pat Chun, AD at Washington State, and Martin Jarmond, AD at UCLA.

🔊 Season 3 | Episode 2: Fall sports just around the corner, 2020 Olympics wrap up in Tokyo  

With fall sports just around the corner, Gene Smith Podcast, the Ohio State Senior VP and AD, welcomed football head coach Ryan Day to look ahead to the pending 2021 season. The Olympic Games in Tokyo also recently wrapped up and Gene takes a look back at the record number 26 competing Buckeyes.

Watch videos from Season 3 – Episode 2:

🎥 Gene Smith reflects on performances in Tokyo Olympic Games

🎥 Lessons learned from the 2020 football season

🎥 Ryan Day forecasts the 2021 football season as camp begins

🔊 Season 3 | Episode 1: Buckeyes at the 2020 (2021) Tokyo Olympics and Name, Image and Likeness 

To kick off Season 3 of the Gene Smith Podcast, the Ohio State Senior VP and AD welcomes Buckeye men’s swimmer Hunter Armstrong who recently gained a spot on the 2020 U.S. Olympic team set to compete in July in Tokyo. The group also discusses the Name, Image and Likeness rulings and Ohio State’s The Platfom initiative to assist student-athletes.

🔗 Buckeyes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Watch videos from Season 3 – Episode 1:

🎥 Record 26 Buckeyes headed to 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

🎥 Buckeye men’s swimmer Hunter Armstrong is headed to Tokyo!

🎥 Name, Image and Likeness rulings and discussion

🔊 Season 2 | Episode 6: Capping the 2020-21 athletics season and discussion with women’s volleyball team 

In the latest episode Gene wraps up the 2020-21 athletics campaign and welcomes the women’s volleyball team who capped a successful first season under new head coach Jen Flynn Oldenburg

Watch videos from Season 2 – Episode 6:

🎥 Wrapping up the 2020-21 athletics campaign

🎥 Celebrating another year of unprecedented academic success

🎥 2020-21 women’s volleyball Buckeyes reach national acclaim in year one of head coach Jen Flynn Oldenburg 

🔊 Season 2 | Episode 5: Buckeye Club Modernization and Football Ticket Announcement and more 

In the latest episode Gene welcomes Assoc. AD for Annual Giving & the Buckeye Club Jordan Birkemeier, to discuss changes to the ticketing structure for upcoming football seasons.

Watch videos from Season 2 – Episode 5:

🎥 Background on the modernization of the Buckeye Club and new football ticket structure

🎥 Insight on the 2021 championship competitions and venues

🎥 Gene speaks about the impact of Jesse Owens on Black History Month


🔊 Season 2 | Episode 4: Sports return to competition, staying vigilant with protocols, virtual events and more

Ohio State VP/AD talks about numerous fall and winter sports returning to competition, converting athletics venues into COVID-19 vaccination centers and introducing virtual sporting events.

Watch videos from Season 2 – Episode 4:

🎥 Ohio State athletics programs returning to competition


🔊 Season 2 | Episode 3: Return from the CFP, the 2020 football season, NIL, transfers and more 

We visit with Gene upon his return from the 2021 College Football National Championship game and discuss the journey that was 2020 for the Buckeye football team. We also dive into recent Name, Image and Likeness, transfers and postseason tournament developments.

Watch videos from Season 2 – Episode 3:

🎥 Reaction to 2021 CFP Championship and the journey that was the 2020 season

🎥 Ryan Day’s tremendous work at head coach of the 2020 Buckeyes


🔊 Season 2 | Episode 2: Reaching the CFP, Flexible Scheduling and Return to Competition

In the latest episode, Smith expounds on football team reaching college football playoff, an ever-flexible athletics landscape and the return to competition for Olympic sports.

Watch videos from Season 2 – Episode 2:

🎥 Student-athletes overcoming obstacles of the 2020 season

🔊 Season 2 | Episode 1 : Navigating Athletics Competition during COVID-19

In the latest episode, Smith discusses the current state of OSU Athletics in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s impact on the college football landscape, and the department has dealt with the challenges it has faced.

Watch videos from Season 2 – Episode 1:

🎥 Football game decision process


🔊 Season 1 | Episode 9: Department Operations during COVID-19

In the latest episode, Smith discusses how Ohio State Athletics has dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic to this point, the national discussions he’s had pertaining to this crisis, and what life has looked like for him and his family while staying at home.

Watch videos from Episode 9:

🎥 College Athletics Landscape

🔊 Season 1 | Episode 8: Buckeyes and Beyond — International Competition

Gene speaks with Kathrin Demler (Women’s Swimming) and Myles Martin (wrestling) about their preparation to represent Ohio State in international competition.

🔊 Season 1 | Episode 7: Business Partnerships, Budgeting and Scheduling

Diana Sabau, deputy director of athletics, joins Gene to offer an inside look at the business operations side of the department as well as discuss the football scheduling process.

Video clip: a look inside football scheduling

Why do a podcast?

“To bring attention to some of the outstanding work that is being done for our student-athletes by different units in our department."

🔊 Season 1 | Episode 6: Day’s Transition and Preparation

In the latest episode, Smith begins a series that highlights the excellent work of staff members at OSU by talking with Head Football Coach, Ryan Day, about the transition to his new role and how he prepared for this opportunity throughout his career.

🔊 Season 1 | Episode 5: Leadership and Life Skills

Smith discusses the programs OSU has developed to help prepare student-athletes for life outside of the competitive arena with Director of Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute, Maddy McIntyre and former Buckeye Men’s Ice Hockey student-athlete, Christian Lampasso.

🔊 Season 1 | Episode 4: Name, Image and Likeness

Crossover season between the fall and winter sports has arrived. In this episode, Smith discusses student-athlete name, image and likeness regulation.

🔊 Season 1 | Episode 3: The Ohio State Athletics District

Smith discusses the Ohio State Athletics District, facility upgrades and expansion. He is joined by Izzy Rodriguez of the Buckeye women’s soccer team and Kollin Moore of OSU wrestling to speak about the impact of facility upgrades and expansions.

🔊 Season 1 | Episode 2: Student-Athlete Mental Health 

Smith discusses student-athletes and expanded emphasis on their mental health and well-being.

🔊 Season 1 | Episode 1: The Gene Smith Podcast Introduction


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