September 10, 2020

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Selects Members for 2020-21


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Twenty-two Buckeye student-athletes have been selected for the Ohio State Student-Athlete Advisory Committee for 2020-21.  Head coaches and sport administrators nominated the standouts for the group.

“These leaders serve as the voice of our student-athletes,” Gene Smith, Ohio State Senior Vice President & Wolfe Foundation Endowed Athletics Director, said. “Their feedback is extremely important to our department, university and college athletics.”

The purpose of the advisory committee is to 1) Provide advice and guidance to athletic administrators; 2) Solicit student-athlete response to proposed NCAA legislation; 3) Suggest potential NCAA legislation; 4) Create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide or conference-wide committees; and 5) Act as a liaison between student-athletes, faculty, administrators and staff.

The group members are:
Mackenzie Allessie, Field Hockey
Aziza Ayoub, Women’s Track and Field
Channing Chasten, Men’s Soccer
Elexis Edwards, Women’s Gymnastics
Lindsay Epstein, Women’s Lacrosse
Brandon Fisher, Men’s Lacrosse
Jack Good, Men’s Cross Country
Mia Grunze, Women’s Volleyball
Meghan Kammerdeiner, Women’s Soccer
Cannon Kingsley, Men’s Tennis
Grace Libben, Rowing
Emma Maltais, Women’s Ice Hockey
Myles Marshall, Men’s Track and Field
Parker Mikesch, Men’s Volleyball
Austin Pooley, Men’s Ice Hockey
Spencer Sansom, Softball
Jacy Sheldon, Women’s Basketball
Griffin Smith, Baseball
Kalee Soehnlen, Women’s Cross Country
Zach Steiner, Wrestling
Master Teague III, Football
CJ Walker, Men’s Basketball

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