August 5, 2022

⛺️ Running Backs Talk Fall Camp


Ohio State held Day 2 of fall training camp Friday and the running back met with media afterwards to discuss team progress.

Treveyon Henderson, Running Back

On working through the offseason and gearing up for camp 

“This off-season, it’s been great for me. I’ve been pushing myself … I’ve been working my tail off, so this year I’m ready.”

On the upcoming 2022 schedule 

“This year the schedule is pretty tough. This year, I feel like we’re gonna have more teams like Penn State, so I’m ready for that, like, I love games like that, just competing on a high level like Penn State. Every week, no matter who we play is a sense of urgency, I mean, we don’t, we’re not gonna lighten up on practice just because we’re playing a different team, so every week, we’ve got the same energy, the same mindset.”

On the home opener vs. Notre Dame 

“We’ve been preparing for them all season for a while now, so I’m just ready to play them, but I know that’s a month away, so right now, I’m gonna just keep putting in the work and keep grinding. This year, I feel like our mindset has changed, changed a lot going in. I mean, I think that we’re more focused now than ever. I feel like we’re all tired of talking about it… I feel like we’re ready to go out there and show them who we are.”

Tony Alford, Running Backs Coach

On Notre Dame game increasing urgency? 

“We’ll you’re (Ohio State) are playing a top flight program that’s very well coached, they are well disciplined, and they have excellent players. So in a lot of ways the talents equate and so there is a sense of urgency that we can’t just kind of waddle through practice or waddle through a day, every single day matters. Every single rep matters.”

On Treveyon Henderson 

“He’s a pro. His mental makeup has always been very strong. When he speaks now it’s business. He’s earned every bit of respect he’s getting, just by the way he carries himself not just with the staff but the team as a whole in the locker room.”

Miyan Williams, Running Back

What improvement do you think Justin Frye (offensive line coach) will have in the running game?

“I feel like the line is on the same page more this year, Coach Fry is a great coach and he got the O-Line ready this year.”

On all three RBs playing while being competitive with each other

“It’s not really focused on beating each other out, we are just trying to build each other up, and whoever get the chance to go in there we want to cheer them on, and then when it’s our turn we just keep the train rolling, trying to help the team win.”


Dallan Hayden, Running Back

Do you have any specific goals for your freshman year?

“Just compete everyday, give my all in practice, and, like I said, be the best version of me and just block out all the outside noise. I came from a good foundation, obviously, because my dad played in the NFL and my brother plays at the college level, but Coach Alford is one of the best teachers in the business. I feel like I have my own style of running and I feel like Coach Alford is going to develop that better.””

About the running back room 

“They’re all really unique players. I’m just glad to be in the room with those guys because it’s making me better. I just feel like I’ve got to keep getting better, keep stacking days, and I’ll be fine.””