January 19, 2022

Ohio State Fires Second-Highest Score of the Season at TCU


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State rifle team completed a pair of matches at TCU over the weekend and on Saturday posted their second-highest score of the season. This score increased the team’s three score NCAA Qualification average to 4692.67.

Saturday’s scorecard: http://ncaarifle.org/Home/Scorecard?MatchId=1409

 On Saturday the team fired a score of 4693 (TCU 4724). The team was led by record-setting performances from Viktor Kiss, Derek Keiser, and Ariel Hall. Viktor’s smallbore score of 591 bested the previous team record of 590 fired by both Drew Cheezum (2017) and Amanda Furrer (2013), and his aggregate score of 1182 beat the previous team high of 1181 fired by Drew Cheezum and Jacob Buchanan (2020). Derek fired a new career-best aggregate score of 1181 which would have equaled the previous team record. In smallbore Viktor was followed by Derek Keiser (585), Ariel Hall (582), Annabelle Stanec (571) and Nathan Wehrlen (555) who rounded out team scoring. Joel Potts led the way for Ohio States individuals with a score of 566 followed by Annie Tomb (565) and Philip Becker (564). In air rifle, the team was led by a season and personal best performances from Derek Keiser (596) and Ariel Hall (595). Viktor Kiss (591), Annie Tomb (581), and Nathan Wehrlen (577) rounded out team scoring. Philip Becker (582), Annabelle Stanec (581), and Joel Potts (575) completed individual scoring.

Sunday’s scorecard: http://ncaarifle.org/Home/Scorecard?MatchId=1410

On Sunday the Buckeyes fired a team score of 4687 (TCU 4716) led by a career-best equaling smallbore performance from Derek Keiser who fired a score of 586. He was followed by Viktor Kiss (580), Annabelle Stanec (578), Nathan Wehrlen (578), and Ariel Hall (570). Philip Becker led the way for the smallbore individuals with a score of 575 followed by Joel Potts (573) and Annie Tomb (564). In air rifle, the team was led by the trio of Ariel Hall, Derek Keiser, and Viktor Kiss who all fired scores of 594. They were followed by Nathan Wehrlen and Philip Becker who both rounded out the team scoring with scores of 583. Annie Tomb fired a score of 567 as an individual.

Coach Tanoue: “It was fantastic to get the spring portion of our season underway at TCU. We saw some really outstanding performances throughout the team and also being able to increase our 3 score average is always a goal for every match. With another four-match opportunity over the next four weeks before the NCAA Qualifier we will look to continue to build and raise our performances over the coming matches. We will have another opportunity to do this on Saturday at home.”

Ohio State hosts TCU on Saturday, January 22 at Converse Hall.