O-H-I-O Around the World

Ohio State student-athletes not only compete at the highest level across the nation but they also travel the world, expanding upon their talents and enriching their collegiate experience with unforgettable memories.

“O-H-I-O” started as a simple cheer, something for late 19th Century fans to shout during football games. But these days, “O-H-I-O” means the whole package: strong athletic traditions, major school spirit, and the academic achievements and outreach efforts that make The Ohio State University the great place it is.

As the seasons pass and years roll, Ohio State student-athletes will journey to all corners of the earth. Your Buckeyes will share their experiences with you as they spread the spirit of “O-H-I-O!”

** Coaches and student-athletes can submit their O-H-I-O photos from road trips and team functions at webmaster@buckeyes.ath.ohio-state.edu **