October 14, 2021

Luke Fedlam Educates Buckeyes on NIL & Tax Implications


COLUMBUS, Ohio While the Ohio State Buckeyes are off from having a football game to play this weekend, their education continued on Thursday afternoon with a post-practice visit from Luke Fedlam, a non-agent sports attorney who leads Anomaly Sports Group. In June, Ohio State and Anomaly Sports Group partnered to help educate student-athletes on intellectual property protections and business-level decision-making, due diligence, financial management and contract analysis for both marketing and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Fedlam had two key points: be educated on the deals you’re signing and aware of all tax implications.

“You can’t avoid taxes,” Fedlam warned. “When you’re participating in NIL, you have to be thinking about the address you’re putting on your W-9 and the number of deals you’re participating in. Tax liability will be a red flag no matter if you move on to the NFL or not. At the end of the day, I want to put you in a good position for whenever you leave here.”

Anomaly’s workshops and mobile learning application are part of THE Platform, which is Ohio State’s NIL education center through the Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute. Fedlam has presented to Ohio State student-athletes in the past on financial and legal pitfalls as part of the football program’s Real Life Wednesdays and the Bucks Go Pro Internship program.