Employment Information

Full-Time Employment
All vacant full-time positions with the department are posted on the University’s job posting site jobsatosu.com. Positions are posted for a minimum of one week. Please be sure to check this site regularly as it is updated every Saturday. Individuals interested in these positions must register on jobsatosu.com and complete an online application. Resumes and cover letters can be included with the online application.

The Department of Athletics does not keep resumes on file for future full time position openings.

• At this time there are no full-time opportunities available.

Graduate Assistantships and Internships
The Department of Athletics has a limited number of internships and graduate assistantships in the following areas:

  • Athletics Communications
  • Athletics Training
  • Compliance
  • Event Management
  • Marketing
  • Rowing
  • Video Services

The selection process for these positions occurs each spring.

A national search will be conducted for all open positions. Open positions will be advertised on the employment page at ncaa.org.

• All Graduate Assistantships and Internships are currently full.

Student and Part Time Positions

Student and Part time positions are offered in a number of areas of the department.

To apply CLICK HERE or visit the following link to submit an application: