Dance Team Recruiting Information

Future Buckeyes,

Thank you for your interest in The Ohio State University and our Dance Team! We are looking for confident, talented, and passionate dancers to be a part of The Ohio State University Dance Team. Members of the team are responsible for representing The Ohio State University in the classroom, on the court, and on stage at the national level. Being a member of the dance team comes with many exciting opportunities, but it is also a major commitment and requires and extraordinary work ethic. Please be sure to thoroughly review the website and the time commitment required.

We recently announced that we would be moving to a recruiting-based model for team selection, effective for the 2019-2020 season, and wanted to ensure that you have information on how the new process works. Please reference the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document for more information. If you are serious about attending Ohio State and being on the dance team, please fill out the recruiting questionnaire to be considered.

We understand that your decision on where to attend college is very important and are thrilled you are interested in Ohio State! We are excited to get to know all of you and watch you dance. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Go Bucks!

Melissa McGhee
Head Coach, The Ohio State University Dance Team

Dance Team FAQ

There are a few steps to be considered:

  • STEP 1: Complete a recruiting questionnaire and upload YouTube videos to allow the coaching staff to get to know you as a person and a dancer! We will actively be reviewing these submissions.
  • STEP 2: Meet us in person! We love to meet dancers on campus at our clinics. We have a few different types of clinics throughout the year. Check out our Camps & Clinics page for more information!
  • STEP 3: Follow us on social media! We post all up to date information regarding on-campus clinics as well as national competitions, combines and events that we will be attending here.

A brief overview of the recruiting process can be found below:

  • Freshmen / Sophomore Year: Prospective Dancer attends clinics and/or national events/combines
  • Junior Year: Prospective Dancer completes recruiting questionnaire and attends clinics and/or national events/combines
  • Junior Year, Summer — Prospective Dancer attends clinics and/or national events/combines
  • Senior Year, Fall — Prospective Dancer applies to The Ohio State University
  • Senior Year, February – March — Coaching staff extends offers for positions on The Ohio State University Dance Team
  • Senior Year, March – April — Prospective Dancers accept spot on The Ohio State University Dance Team
  • Senior Year, ~April — The Ohio State University Dance Team Roster Announcement

Note: The dates above are fluid and can adjust as the team needs evolve.

We would recommend filling out a recruiting questionnaire after September 1st of your Junior Year and before November 1st of your Senior Year in High School. This allows dancers time to ensure that they are truly interested in Ohio State and also upload videos that are recent enough to adequately reflect the skill set they would possess in college. If the dancer is a current college student or transferring from another University, there is a spot to indicate this on the questionnaire.

There is an opportunity to upload TWO videos on the recruiting questionnaire. For the first video, we would recommend spending some time putting together a brief video (no longer than 6-8 minutes in length) that includes the below.

  • Introduction (A headshot, name, hometown, year in school, why you want to attend Ohio State, why you would like to be on the dance team, why you would be an ideal candidate, and what you hope to pursue academically)
  • Pirouettes (triple or quad+ on right AND triple+ on left)
  • Second Turns (at least three counts of eight, should an advanced combination that includes changing spots, floats, or other pirouette elements)
  • Leaps / Jumps: Open center, calypso, any switch leap of choice, and toe touch
  • Flexibility: standing tilt and any leg hold/turn (double preferred)
  • Acrobatic Skills (optional): Front/Back Walkover, Aerial Cartwheel (right or left only)
  • 1 minute jazz or contemporary routine or combo that demonstrates style and technical abilities
  • 30 second pom combo
  • 30 second hip hop combo
  • Any other skills or unique elements that you would like to showcase
  • Please wear a solid leotard/tank top and black shorts

The second video can be a solo or other footage of your choice! These videos do not need to be professionally edited, but do need to be PUBLIC or UNLISTED YouTube Links in order for our coaching staff to be able to view them (please test your link before including it on the questionnaire).

The coaching staff will be reviewing the questionnaires weekly and evaluating all relevant information. The staff will reach out to those dancers who best fit our program to engage with further.

Though there is no requirement to attend a clinic to be on the team, it is strongly recommended. While we do understand that scheduling issues at times can prohibit dancers from attending, it is important to prioritize. Making the trip to campus for a clinic or a visit demonstrates an initial level of commitment and interest that we are looking for. 100% of the dancers on our team attended at least one clinic before being selected.

No, there are not any specific academic requirements to begin the recruiting process. During the recruitment process, the coaching staff and prospective dancer will be able to collectively figure out how best to proceed with the admissions process.

Besides a strong technical background and a mature quality of movement, we look for well rounded individuals. We search for those who are able to conduct themselves professionally (our dancers frequently engage in conversations with many alumni, university employees, donors, and fans) and have strong academic success! Our team culture and familial atmosphere are vital to the team’s success, therefore a team oriented individual is also important.

We believe the more exposure the better! We strongly recommend coming to a clinic as it is a great way to meet the staff while also getting to dance with both other prospective dancers and current members of the team. Another way to connect is at the Tribe 99 and/or UDA College Combines. Finally, our staff travels to most major national competitions and often meets with dancers on site.

The most important thing to make sure you do is communicate! Meet and stay connected to the coaching staff and continue to update us on the application process. If you are serious about coming to Ohio State, share that with us! We highly value transparency and communication both in the recruiting process and on our team.

Potentially! Similar to how we held interviews during our in-person, formal tryouts, there may be an interview requirement as the recruitment process proceeds. More info will be provided to those dancers that will need to fulfill this requirement when the time comes.

We have not determined a strict deadline in which this would be shared as it is a continuous process. We are committed to transparency and keeping dancers updated throughout the process, however, if there is ever a question on your status, please reach out!

Ohio State Dance Team Recruiting Questionnaire

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Academic Information
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