Cheerleading Recruiting Questionnaire


    Highlight Videos can be submitted anytime for underclassman looking for feedback. (high school freshman, sophomores, and juniors) 

    *It is recommended that student athletes looking to be recruited for the 2020-2021 team submit questionnaire along with YouTube link by September 2019. 

    Highlight the following items (in detail) in your video:

    *Introduction (name, hometown, high school and or all-star gym)

    -Why you would like to be on The Ohio State University Cheer Team

    -Why you would be an ideal candidate for our team

    -What is your best/ proudest athletic memory as a competitor?

    -What you hope to pursue academically in college

    -Any other information you wish to share


    *Gameday footage if you are a high school cheerleader

    -showcase motion placement/ sharpness/ energy in cheers or sideline chants demonstrated


    *Standing tumbling passes- *NON SPRING FLOOR

    – standing backhandspring

    -standing tuck (no step)

    -standing backhandspring back tuck (no step)


    *Elite tumbling passes- *NON SPRING FLOOR

    -standing backhandspring backhandspring tuck/ layout/ full (preferred no step)

    -standing backhanspring layout/ full

    -standing fulls


    *Running tumbling- *NON SPRING FLOOR

    -roundoff handspring series (prefer power hurdle over two-step or running into)

    -roundoff handspring tuck (prefer power hurdle over 2 step or running into)

    -roundoff handspring layout (prefer power hurdle over 2 step or running into)

    -roundoff handspring full (prefer power hurdle over 2 step or running into)

    -*Any elite passes (whip to full/ Arabian to full/ full through to full/ kick full/ etc.)


    *Coed partner stunts

    – hands stunts- hands lib/ stretch/ cupie

    – walk-in stunts- extension/ lib/ stretch/ arabesque

    – toss stunts- lib/ stretch/ arabesque/ cupie

    – spinning stunts- fullups/ hands full around/ etc.

    – flipping stunts- roundoff ups/ front handspring ups/ backhandspring ups/ rewinds/ hand in hands/ double ups/ one arm rewinds/ etc.


    *Videos do not have to be produced in a professional manner but your image and appearance/ question and answer portion/ and skills demonstrated should highlight all of your strengths as a student athlete in a professional manner.