Cheerleading Recruiting Questionnaire

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Highlight Videos must be submitted for consideration and to begin the process. It is recommended to submit your video as an unlisted YouTube link. Videos can be submitted for high school sophomores, juniors, seniors, and transfer students.
*Student-athletes looking to be recruited for the 2022-2023 team should submit questionnaire along with Highlight Video Link by September 2021.

Highlight Videos should show the following content in this order (more information for each section is below):

  1. Question and Answers
  2. Tumbling
  3. Coed Partner Stunts
  4. Game Day (School Teams)

1. Question and Answers
Please answer the following questions (in detail) in your video:
– Introduction (name, hometown, high school and or all-star gym)
– Why you would like to be on The Ohio State University Cheer Team?
– What you know about our program?
– Why you would be an ideal candidate for our team?
– What is your best/ proudest athletic memory as a competitor?
– An area where you struggle athletically.
– What you hope to pursue academically in college?
– Any other information you wish to share.

2. Tumbling
*Standing tumbling passes – *NON SPRING FLOOR
– standing backhandspring
– standing tuck (no step)
– standing backhandspring back tuck (no step)

*Elite tumbling passes – *NON SPRING FLOOR
– standing backhandspring backhandspring tuck/ layout/ full (preferred no step)
– standing backhanspring layout/ full
– standing fulls

*Running tumbling – *NON SPRING FLOOR
– roundoff handspring series (prefer power hurdle over two-step or running into)
– roundoff handspring tuck (prefer power hurdle over 2 step or running into)
– roundoff handspring layout (prefer power hurdle over 2 step or running into)
– roundoff handspring full (prefer power hurdle over 2 step or running into)
– any other elite passes (whip to full/ Arabian to full/ full through to full/ kick full/ etc.)

3. Co-ed Partner Stunting
Please show your best single base coed partner stunting skills. You do not have to show every skill listed below but show skills from each category (they are listed as a guide)
*Hands stunts
– hands libs/ stretches/ arabesques/ cupies
*Walk-in stunts
– extension/ libs/ stretches/ arabesques/ cupies
*Toss stunts
– libs/ stretches/ arabesques/ cupies (can show left and right)
*Spinning stunts
– fullups/ hands full arounds/ high to high full arounds/ low to high full arounds
*Flipping stunts
– roundoff ups/ front handspring ups/ backhandspring up variations/ rewinds/ hand in hand variations/ double ups/ one arm rewinds/ etc.

4. Gameday
Please show any videos from any gameday environments highlighting enthusiasm, sharpness, correct motion placement, and an overall presence on the sidelines.
Videos do not have to be produced in a professional manner, but your image and appearance/, question and answer portion, and skills demonstrated should highlight all of your strengths as a student-athlete in a professional manner.


For questions please email Head Coach Ben Schreiber at