May 27, 2021

63 Buckeyes Participating in 2021 Bucks Go Pro Program


The Ohio State University Department of Athletics announced the 2021 Bucks Go Pro 1.0 and 2.0 intern classes for 2021. Comprised of a total of 63 student athletes representing 24 different Buckeyes sports programs, the group will be interning within the Athletics Department, on campus and with companies off campus.

BUCKS GO PRO 1.0 Class

BUCKS GO PRO 2.0 Class

The Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute’s most tenured program, the Bucks Go Pro 1.0 Internship program runs eight weeks over the summer and allows student-athletes to gain important hands-on professional experience. The program incorporates an educational curriculum focused on areas such as networking, leadership and personal finance.

The Bucks Go Pro 2.0 Internship program allows the student-athletes to gain intensive internship experience in a multitude of roles throughout over 25 companies. The Ohio State Athletics Department is incredibly grateful for our partners who have helped take this program to the next level. The experiences offered through HBGP 2.0 have grown by 144% since our pilot program in the summer of 2018.

Both internship programs strive to:

  1. Provide the student-athletes with meaningful work experience in a professional setting
  2. Help enhance student-athletes’ resumes
  3. Teach student-athletes how to develop a network of colleagues
  4. Expand our student-athletes’ reference beyond their professors and coaches
  5. Help our student-athletes be better prepared for life after college and represent Ohio State with class in their professional endeavors.

Bucks Go Pro 1.0 Class
Student-Athlete – Sport (department)
Sophia MacKinnon – Dance (Nutrition Services, The James)
Brooke Thayer – Dance (Trademark & Licensing)
Delaney Lawler – Field Hockey (Development)
Leanne Bough – Field Hockey (Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute)
Ryan Smith – Football (Buckeye Leadership Fellows)
EJ Liddell – Men’s Basketball (Athletics Communications)
Donovan Hewitt – Men’s Gymnastics (Compliance
Dominic Vidoli — Men’s Ice Hockey (MOVES Lab)
Jacob Snyder – Men’s Lacrosse (Administration)
Kylie Murr – Women’s Volleyball (Digital Media)
Owen Sullivan — Men’s Soccer (Corporate Engagement)
Mia Mulhearn – Rowing (Athletic Training)
Elizabeth Paul – Rowing (Performance Nutrition)
Brooke Shields – Spirit (Nutrition Services, The James)
Ian Mikesell – Men’s Swimming (Center for Entrepreneurship)
Josephine Panitz – Women’s Swimming (IMG)
Jacob Fielding – Men’s Diving (Sports Psychology)
Luke Bendick – Men’s Track & Field (Buckeye Leadership Fellows)
Alex Dediu – Men’s Cross Country (Sustainability)
Rikki Harris – Women’s Basketball (Sports Operations/Coaching)
Elle Hodges – Women’s Gymnastics (Business Office)
Emma Blessing – Women’s Lacrosse (University Compliance)
Kathleen Jones – Women’s Tennis (Marketing)
Mac Podraza – Women’s Volleyball (Sports Operations/Coaching)

Bucks Go Pro 2.0 Class
Student-Athlete – Sport (department)
Hailey Willis – Dance (Bridgeway Academy – Teacher Aide)
Sierra Nelson – Dance (IMG – Marketing Intern)
Ethan Edwards – Men’s Fencing (One Columbus – Business)
Jadon Montgomery – Men’s Fencing (The Up Company)
Stephanie Miller – Women’s Fencing (The Up Company)
Roscoe Swartz – Men’s Fencing (Wexner Medical Center – Outreach and Engagement)
Jack Jamieson – Football (Union Home Mortgage – Columbus Mortgage Team (Mortgage/Sales Intern)
Harrison Hookin – Men’s Basketball (Nationwide Children’s Hospital – ENT Department)
Justin Inacio – Men’s Lacrosse (Center for Innovation Strategies – Entrepreneurship)
Brandon Fisher – Men’s Lacrosse (Porter Wright)
Colby Smith – Men’s Lacrosse (Wexner Medical Center – Wold Lab – Research Assistant)
Joseph Ortiz – Men’s Soccer (Special Olympics of Ohio -Event Planning)
Robby Oswald – Men’s Track & Field (Special Olympics)
Jack Stevens, Men’s Volleyball (Ruscilli – Engineering/Construction Management)
Katherine Reymann – Rowing (Basil Insurance Group – Marketing)
Katelyn Bartos – Rowing (Rogue – Engineering Intern)
Michayla Binkley – Rowing (Real Girls Foundation)
Megan McNutt – Rowing (Wexner Medical Center – Physical Therapy)
Avery Clark – Softball (Wexner Medical Center – Nutrition Patient Services)
Keyli Smith – Spirit (Simple Times – Marketing Intern)
Kristen Romano – Women’s Swimming (Kayne Law – Pre-Law)
Amanda Palutsis – Women’s Swimming (Mount Carmel)
Jason Mathews — Men’s Swimming (Nationwide Children’s Hospital – ENT Department)
Colin Roy – Men’s Swimming (Rogue – Engineering Intern)
Lexie Barker – Women’s Swimming (Wexner Medical Center – Production Kitchen)
Paige Hopper – Synchronized Swimming (Real Girls Foundation)
Cassandra Neeley – Synchronized Swimming (Concur – Marketing Specialist)
Yanique Dayle – Women’s Track & Field (Femergy – Youth Summer Coordinator)
Elizabeth Weber – Women’s Cross Country (Watershed)
Mirian Perez – Women’s Gymnastics (The Up Company)
Paetyn Levis – Women’s Hockey (Wexner Medical Center – Jameson Crane)
Emma Maltis – Women’s Hockey (Wexner Medical Center – Physical Therapy)
Mary George – Women’s Lacrosse (Columbus Chamber of Commerce – Membership)
Clare Johnston Women’s Lacrosse (Femergy – Youth Summer Coordinator)
Maura McGregor – Women’s Lacrosse (TEKsystems – Recruiter/Account Management)
Cai Martin – Women’s Lacrosse (Wexner Medical Center – Sports Medicine)
Emma DeCoste Women’s Tennis (IMG – Marketing Intern)
Adria Powell – Women’s Volleyball (Nationwide Children’s Hospital – ENT Department)
Vanja Bukilic – Women’s Volleyball (Novvia)