April 4, 2000

COLUMBUS, Ohio–The Younkin Success Center officially opened for business Monday, March 27th. The OSU Student Athlete Support Services Office (SASSO) moved in and has begun seeing student-athletes. Study Table started April 3 and meetings are being held and scheduled in the variety of gathering places in the facility.

“I wish I had a dime for every time a student-athlete has said ‘wow,'” Kate Riffee, OSU assistant athletics director for SASSO, said. “Every time they go into a new room, they are obviously impressed. We are looking forward to the opening of the computer lab, something we have never been able to offer our student-athletes. We expect the ‘I’s to be dotted and the T’s crossed’ and fully operational by June.”

The Younkin Success Center is located on Neil Avenue and 10th Avenue.

Through the collaboration of the Ohio State Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Student Affairs, the College of Education and the Department of Athletics, each office began the unique process of developing the $10 million project. Ohio State even received support from the Younkin Family, who in memory of their father, Floyd, contributed $2 million last year to honor his dedication to Ohio State athletics and education.

Housed in the Younkin Success Center will be Ohio State’s offices of Career Services, Counseling and Consultation Services, SASSO and Faculty and Teaching Assistant Development. Each of these departments will work together to improve the quality of life for students as a “one-stop learning mall.”

Along with the four offices, students will have access to an 80-station computer lab in the Academic Learning Center Lab, numerous conference rooms, study halls and classrooms. Student lounge areas and an outdoor terrace also will be included, which Andy Geiger, OSU director of athletics, hopes will allow some downtime for hard working students. “We wanted a place where its first goal was to give students the use of the four offices and the learning labs, while also allowing our students a place to relax and enjoy themselves,” Geiger said. “It is just a great building and will have a great atmosphere for learning.”

The Younkin Success Center, with its location adjacent to the South Residential dorms, also will allow students to use the center’s services without being far from home. “With most of the student base located on and off south campus, we decided it was best to put the center in their neighborhood,” Riffee said. “This will allow students to work in the computer lab late at night and not be far from their home.”

Student-athletes also will have access to the Archie Griffin Tutoring Rooms, the Jameson Crane Study Halls, the Fergus Student-Athlete Computer Lab and the Ralph and Billie Hazelbaker Athletics Classrooms.

“By having such great support, we are able to provide to each student wonderful programs and opportunities,” Riffee said. “That was our fundamental purpose, yet we also want to remain at the forefront of trend-setting ideas. No other university has a facility that allows both athletics and academics to collaborate in one area.”