Freshman javelin thrower answered questions from 2:30-3 p.m. Thursday

COLUMBUS, Ohio Maggie Mullen, a freshman thrower on the Ohio State women’s track and field team, held an online chat on to answer fans’ questions from 2:30-3 p.m. Thursday.

Mullen, who hails from from Sarnia, Ontario, is one of the top young throwers on the Buckeye squad and recently broke her own school record in the javelin at the Drake Relays in Des Moines, Iowa with an NCAA provisional mark of 46.64m, the fifth-best in the Big Ten this season.

Mullen earned a bronze medal at the 2008 Canadian Junior Nationals in the javelin and shot put and was a silver medalist at the 2008 Ontario Summer Games in both events and won the bronze medal in the discus. She was a multi-sport athlete in high school in Canada, playing basketball, softball and volleyball as well.

A complete transcript of her questions and answers is below

Wendy:Grand Rapids:   How have you made the transition of being a multi-sport athlete to a single sport athlete?
Maggie::   It was very hard at first to narrow it down to just one sport. I was so used to being busy all the time, but I found with track I am able to do multiple events, and since I have been here, the throwing events have kept me very occupied. But I always miss the other sports, I always make time to play a little basketball.
Bernard:Austintown, Ohio:   Hi Maggie. Congrats on a great season so far. How do you like being at Ohio State and living in Columbus? Best of luck this wknd and the rest of the season!!
Maggie::   Thank you! I love being at OSU, Im from a very small town, so at first I was a little scared. But once I got here I adapted very well.
Sharon Wright:Baltimore:   Hi Maggie, First congrats!! How did it feel breaking a collegiate rec which is VERY difficult! Tell Letecia hi
Maggie::   Hi Sharon! Breaking the record was a great feeling and I was happy that I did it my first meet out, I knew I wanted it so it was great to reach one of my goals for this year. And I will tell her for sure!
Dad:Mooretown, Ontario:   I am so proud of you Maggie. Can’t wait to see you perform this weekend. How does it feel to get your name in the record books in your first year?
Maggie::   Hey Dad! Cant wait to see you either! I’m pumped, and ya I would have to say it’s a cool feeling to have my name in there!
Tammy:Westerville:   How does the team look in practice this week heading into the Jessie Owens Classic?
Maggie::   I think the team looks great, we have had a good week of throwing, as well as our runners they had a great weekend at Drake, so I think that we will have a good showing at Jesse Owens.
Greg:Columbus:   After playing a lot of different sports in high school, what made you want to focus on throwing in college?
Maggie::   It was a very hard decision to make. I was very torn between my sports, but in the long run throwing has taken me many places so far, and I knew that I could become a lot better if I were to get college training.
Andrea S.:Chillicothe OH:   Good luck this weekend Maggie. Do you think you can win the Big Ten in the javelin this year as a rookie?
Maggie::   Thank you Andrea. I would love to, but I’m up against some very good throwers, Kara Patterson is still in it, and she is an Olympian, but I’m going to definitely try my hardest!
Joy:Dublin:   Out of all the changes between high school and college, what was the most difficult to work through?
Maggie::   Well during high school track practice was not as demanding, I have had to run a lot more than I’m use to! And also adjusting to the school work load and trying to balance that with being an athlete.
Adam:Columbus:   What brought you from Canada to Ohio State?
Maggie::   I always knew that I wanted to get a scholorship to the States because I would get schooling paid for and go up against much harder competition than I would back home.
Jennifer:Columbus:   How old were you when you first started competing? I have a daughter who is just starting out in middle school. Thanks and best of luck the rest of the season!!!!
Maggie::   I started track in grade 4, but I didn’t start any of the throws events until I was in high school. Good luck I hope your daughter loves it!
Terry Collins:Corunna, Ontario, Canada:   Are you enjoying your freshman year at school and what are your plans for the summer?
Maggie::   Hi Terry!! I am loving my first year here, it has been very fun, but hard at the same time! For the summer I am going home, so I can compete in Sr. Nationals, get in shape for next season and maybe relax a little!
Kaitlin:Dublin, Ohio:   I read that you used to play a lot of other sports … will you play anything else at Ohio State or just stick with track?
Maggie::   I would love to play more than one sport here! But I compete Indoors and outdoors for track, so I have no time to fit another sport in.
Steven:C-bus:   Hello Maggie. What time are you competing this weekend? I want to bring my kids to watch. Are you going up against any olympians?
Maggie::   Hello Steven, I am throwing Jav at 2pm on friday and hammer follows that, and then on Saturday I have Discus at 11:00 am. Hope to see you there!
Elliott:Twinsburg:   Hello … how often are you required to work out and how much can you bench press?
Maggie::   We have to work out three times a week at 7 am! and for the bench press question I’ll find out when we do our max testing.
Eric T:Sarnia, ON:   What do you miss most about Canada?
Maggie::   Everything! I love it here but, I always love coming home and seeing my friends and family…even you Eric!
Grandma & Grandpa:Bright’s Grove:   It’s great to see how much you love being at OSU and doing so well your first year. We’ll be there in time to see you before you throw tomorrow. Good Luck.
Maggie::   Thank G-ma and G-pa cant wait to see you guys!! I miss you!
Lauren Mullen:mooretown:   Hey Mag! i just wanted to say that i am so proud of you! How does it feel to be an All-American? hahaha, love you! see you on the 15th! OH-IO!!!!
Maggie::   Hahaha!.. Thats awsome lauren! I miss you! love you too:)
Uncle Terry and Aunt Anne:Corunna, Ontario:   All the best to you, Maggie. Keep up the good work and GO BUCKS!
Maggie::   Thanks! I wish you guys could come up here sometime! It was awesome when Beth and Collin were here!
The Taylor’s:Sarnia:   We just want to say”Congratulations” and the best of luck in your future competitions.
Maggie::   Thank you so much! I love all the support from back home:)
Beth:Fergus, ON:   It was great seeing you on our March break in Columbus. What are you going to do to prepare for the Olympic Trials for London 2012? We are all very proud of you!!
Maggie::   Hey Beth! I am going to train my butt off! Summer will give me a chance to focus a lot on working out and getting in shape, so when it comes time for season I will be ready to go. And I’m hoping that if I keep up with my training I will be in good shape for the trails.