In 2008, Cami Hubbs rewrote Ohio State record books, winning 36 singles matches a Buckeye single season record in helping the Scarlet and Gray to a program record 19 wins.

Now the Omaha, Neb., native returns to the Buckeyes as a sophomore and will look to be not only a winner, but also a leader. She took time to sit down and answer some questions for

Q: Last season was one of the best ever for a freshman at Ohio State. What was the key to your success in 2008?
A:  Last year I just stayed healthy and worked hard.  I just tried to have fun with my game and learn something new everyday!
Q: The schedule for this season looks to be more challenging than the one you faced last year. What adjustments must the team to make it back to the NCAA Tournament?

A:  I wouldn’t say it’s more challenging than last year, but we are definitely going to be facing teams that are starting out ranked higher than the ones we faced last year.  We just need to go in and play the match.  Ranking really doesn’t carry a lot of meaning so we just play the opponent and try to make sure we are better on that day.

Q: You came to Ohio State following a prep career in which you went 117-0. What was it like losing your first match last year and how has your attitude towards losing changed since you got here?
  High school tennis in Nebraska is quite different from college tennis, and even junior tennis.  I did not come in expecting to win every match I played, but I was obviously upset when I did lose that first match.  Every match is a challenge and sometimes people play better than you do on that day.  My attitude towards losing has changed in that I have learned more now from losing than I did when I was younger because I have coaches here to help me analyze what I can do better.

Q: Last year you were really a strength for the team playing from the No. 5 spot. As you move up the lineup this year, what additional challenges will you have to take on?
A:  I think my challenges will be pretty much the same.  I believe our line-up is pretty interchangeable and I will have to go out there with the same tenacity I did last year and just play my opponent, no matter what the position may be.

Q: The team is traveling all over the country this season for matches. Is there a particular trip you are most looking forward to?
A:  I am really looking forward to playing at Duke.  When I was younger I really liked Duke because of “Cameron Stadium.”  I visited there a couple of times and the tennis facility is really nice.  I think it will be a great start to the beginning of the season!  Of course Las Vegas sounds pretty fabulous too!
Q: How has the team prepared for the beginning of the season and what will be the key to getting off to a good start?
A:  We came back really fired up and ready to play.  Everyone keeps mentioning that they can’t wait for season to start!  I think the key to getting off to a good start is showing our Buckeye Spirit on and off the court.
Q: Finally, what are your goals for this season, both personal and team related?
A:  My main goal this season, besides staying healthy, is to make the NCAA tournament in singles and/or doubles.  I feel like I have matured a lot in my game this past year and I hope to keep improving as another goal.  As for the team, we want to host a regional here in Columbus and reach the Sweet 16 in College Station at Texas A&M.