Saturday, March 28 

We arrived safely in Iowa on Wednesday night after a long morning of delays at the airport in Las Vegas.  The weather didn’t hold out for us when we arrived in Iowa City with temperatures in the 50’s, so we had two practices indoors on Thursday. 

The team fought hard on Friday against a strong Iowa team.  Our doubles teams looked sharp, winning on all three courts again. In singles, Angela DiPastina, Kirsten Flower and Paloma Escobedo got the job done in straight sets.  Julie Blackmore and Christina Keesey battled hard and both pulled out tight 3-setters.  We clinched another Big Ten win, 6-1, but the score did not reflect the closeness of the match.

We left Iowa this morning at 9 a.m. and took a five hour bus ride to the University of Minnesota.  Most of us slept during the trip while others watched the movie “Stomp the Yard”.  When we arrived on campus, Coach Merzbacher (a graduate of Minnesota) played tour guide, even using an official looking microphone. We drove through campus while he pointed out different buildings, his old dorm and favorite restaurants.

Tomorrow is our last day of Spring Break.   We’re all looking forward to playing the University of Minnesota in the morning and then heading back to Columbus in the evening. 

Go Buckeyes!!!

Wednesday, March 25 

The team was looking forward to battling outside against the Utah on Monday.  The weather took a change in Las Vegas from the 80 degrees we arrived in… we played our match at the Darling Tennis Center at 11 a.m. in 60 degrees with winds reaching up to 35 mph.  Our doubles teams stayed tough and played well winning all three courts despite the rough conditions.  The team then won five of the singles matches.  Kirsten Flower, Cami Hubbs and Julie Blackmore all pulled out tight 3-setters and I was off the court in about 20 minutes after my opponent retired.  The match ended with Ohio State winning 6-1.

Coach Merzbacher gave the team Tuesday off to relax and explore more of Las Vegas.  Most of the girls woke up and met at Hotel Paris to have brunch at a small caf around 11 a.m.  After brunch we walked up and down the strip and toured the various hotels and casinos.  We then split up while some of us went to the pool and others went back to the rooms for a quick nap.  It was a nice day off and much needed rest for the next day of travel.

This morning we packed and met down in the lobby at 6:45 a.m. to head to the airport.  Our flight was to Chicago at 9:20 a.m. this morning with plans to drive to Iowa City and practice this evening.  We boarded our flight at 9:00 a.m. and sat on the plane for an hour and a half because of mechanical problems.  It’s 11:40 a.m. in Vegas and we are now just about to board our plane again for Chicago.  Hopefully there will be no more technical problems and we’ll arrive to Iowa City safely tonight.

Go Bucks!!

Saturday, March 21

With finals behind us, the team was definitely looking forward to heading out West for Spring Break.  We met yesterday morning at the Varsity Tennis Center at 9:30 am to take a bus over to the airport.  Our five hour flight to Las Vegas went smoothly and most of us caught up on some lost sleep from exam week.  A few people gave us an “O-H…I-O” cheer, it’s a great feeling to know that Buckeye fans are all across the country.

After landing, we immediately checked into our hotel, The Excalibur, which is right on the strip.  Instead of heading straight for the slots (not me of course), we grabbed a quick bite to eat and made our way over to the Darling Tennis Center.  We arrived at the courts around 6:30 pm, so everyone got a good hit in under the lights. 

We had an interesting start to our morning, 3:30 am to be exact.  Someone pulled the hotel fire alarm which blared in our rooms for what seemed like an hour (but really 5 minutes). Later in the morning, the team had a good practice at the Flamingo Hotel for a couple hours.  The 80 degree weather was a nice change compared to the unpredictable Columbus forecast.  Now we have the rest of the day to explore Las Vegas and the team is looking forward to seeing Cirque de Soleil Mystere at Treasure Island later this evening.

More to come in a couple days, until then Go Bucks!!!