Genna Brand
Junior Defender
Virginia Beach, Va.

Q: What do you miss most about your hometown?
A: Being close to the beach!

Q: Besides you, who is the most famous person from your hometown?
A: Pharrell Williams

Q: How often do you get home?
A: Just for the holidays… winter break , spring break, and thanksgiving. But I spontaneoulsy drove home for memorial day weekend…longest 11 hrs of my life 🙂

Q: What do people ask you most about your hometown?
A: How far do I live from the beach? Is it hot? Sometimes I get asked if Virginia Beach is in Virginia.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between your hometown and Columbus?
A: Being landlocked might not seem like a big deal to some people, but when you live across the street from the beach IT’S A HUGE DIFFERENCE. However, the people in Columbus are much more welcoming and a lot nicer.

Q: How would you describe your hometown?
A: We have a downtown with a few tall buildings but for the most part it’s all beach and very laid back. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family.

Q: How many stoplights are in your hometown?
A: Enough for awful traffic!!

Q: How long has your family lived in your hometown?
A: Some generations before my great great grandparents

Q: What sport/activity is the most popular in your hometown?
A: All sports…our immediate town/school area is pretty small and for the most part everyone knows everything about everyone, especially in sports including surfing which is HUGE.

Q: What do visitors to your hometown need to see/do?
A: Beach, boardwalk, possibly Williamsburg/Jamestown which is a 45 minute drive away.

Q: What is the biggest attraction in your hometown?
A: Beach and boardwalk.

Q: Is there a local food your hometown is known for?
A: We have loads of local restaurants owned by people who have lived there their entire life…the most AMAZING restaurants ever. The best part about them is that they look like hole in the wall places at the beach, therefore tourists wont ever go in and eat. The environment in them is great and very warm and the food is incredible.

Q: How long has your family lived there?
A: My mom grew up in Virginia Beach. My dad didnt but they got married in Virginia Beach and have lived there ever since.

Q: Your favorite place in your hometown?
A: 76th street at the beach. It’s where I grew up as a kid and still go there today. My grandparents live right on the beach and our whole family used to go there all the time for cookouts and to play at the beach. Great memories, birthday parties, and the best sand fiddlers in Virginia Beach!!!