Ali Schwach
Junior forward 
Mendota Heights, Minn.

Q: What do you miss most about your hometown:
A: My house and my bed!!

Q: Besides you, who is the most famous person from your hometown?
A: Prince.

Q: How often do you get home?
A: Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring and Summer Breaks.

Q: What do people ask you most about your hometown?
A: How come you don’t have an accent?

Q: What’s the biggest difference between your hometown and Columbus?
A: Winter in Minnesota lasts from November until March or April, and we get much more snow!

Q: How would you describe your hometown?
A: It’s very green with lots of hills. Downtown St. Paul is mostly businesses, hospitals and a few sports arenas, while downtown Minneapolis has much more night life, restaurants, and even part of the University of Minnesota.

Q: How many stoplights are in your hometown?
A: About ten, near the highways.

Q: What is the population of your hometown?
A: About 12,000.

Q: How long has your family lived in your hometown?
A: 23 years.

Q: What sport/activity is the most popular in your hometown?
A: Soccer or Tennis.

Q: What do visitors to your hometown need to see/do?
A: Walk along the path that runs along the Mississippi river, or on the Mendota Bridge over the Minnesota River

Q: What is the biggest attraction in your hometown?
A: The Mendota Bridge is almost a mile long; also Fort Snelling.

Q: Is there is local food your hometown is known for?
A: Not really.

Q: Any historic event that happened there? Fort Snelling was built in 1824; Fort Snelling is noted because it was a post where John Emerson, Dred Scott’s owner worked. Emerson, who purchased Scott in St. Louis, lived with Dred and Harriet Scott at the fort during much of the 1830s. At the time, slavery was illegal at Fort Snelling due to the Missouri Compromise; Dred and Harriet’s time in Minnesota led to the infamous U.S. Supreme Courts case.

Q: Your favorite place in your hometown?
A: Either the trails through the woods, or my house.