March 31, 2020

@WrestlingBucks Draw Most Social Interactions by Large Margin


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State University wrestling program’s social media presence is unmatched nationally among its peers. The team’s official Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages accounted for over 860K interactions during the shortened 2019-20 and would have likely cracked one million interactions had the NCAA Championships been contested. The @wrestlingbucks garnered 23% more interactions than second-best Penn State (704K) and 75% more than third-best Iowa (493K).

The social media interaction totals were accumulated by Skull Sparks, a collegiate athletics digital and design strategy resource.

Instagram is where @wrestlingbucks drew the most attention. That Instagram page received 646K interactions from Nov. 1-March 30, a total which is higher than any other wrestling program in the country, sans Penn State, accrued on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook COMBINED.

Skull Sparks ranked the top-25 for each platform and 16 schools made the cut for all three. Ohio State was slotted first, second and sixth for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook interactions, respectively.

Top-10 Total Interactions for the 2019-20 Season (Nov. 1-March 30)
863K – Ohio State (646K Instagram, 157K Twitter, 60K Facebook)
704K – Penn State (550K, 91K, 63K)
493K – Iowa (101K, 219K, 173K)
438K – Arizona State (302K, 69K, 67K)
300K – Oklahoma State (182K, 73K, 45K)
291K – Minnesota (129K, 71K, 91K)
261K – Campbell (153K, 42K, 66K)
252K – Michigan (173K, 44K, 35K)
206K – Virginia Tech (95K, 83K, 28K)
158K – Rutgers (84K, 60K, 14K)


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