Aug. 18, 2000

%^$John R. Wooden Award begins its Silver Anniversary celebration with the%^$Announcement of the Top 50 Preseason Candidates for the 2000-2001%^$All-American Team%^$

%^$Founded in 1976, The John R. Wooden Award is the nation’s preeminent trophy%^$given annually to the most outstanding collegiate basketball player in the%^$United States. The Wooden Award program also recognizes the 10-man%^$All-American Team. The first recipient of the Award was Marques Johnson of%^$UCLA and the most recent winner was Kenyon Martin of the University of%^$Cincinnati. With today’s announcement of the Top 50 Players, the Wooden%^$Award is re-launching the website, to commemorate the%^$Silver Anniversary year. All activities of the Wooden Award , on the web, in%^$print and on FOX Sports Net will center on the Silver Anniversary, which%^$includes a new sterling silver edition of the trophy, designed by%^$trophy-master John Billings of Ridgeway, CO.%^$

%^$Each summer, the John R. Wooden Award office samples a committee of its%^$voters from across the nation as to which players should be highlighted in%^$the preseason as potential finalists (Wooden Award All-Americans) for the%^$John R. Wooden Award. The committee selects 50 players and lists them%^$alphabetically. Players who were Wooden Award All-Americans in the previous%^$season are denoted as are those players who were in the Top 25 of the%^$preseason list of 50. To be named to the Wooden Award All-American Team or%^$to be the recipient of the Wooden Award Trophy, a player must be making%^$progress toward graduation and carry a cumulative grade average of a least%^$2.0. Voters are asked to consider a player’s contribution to his team and%^$his character when voting for the All-American Team or Player of the Year%^$honors. The 25th Anniversary John R. Wooden Award will be presented on%^$Friday April 6, 2001 on FOX Sports Net from The Los Angeles Athletic Club.%^$Player biographies, vignette updates, press announcements and historical%^$information on the Wooden Award are stored for reference on,%^$part of the network.%^$

%^$Wooden Award Preseason
%^$All-American Team – Top 50 Candidates
%^$(Based on a preseason poll. Players listed alphabetically.)%^$

%^$A poll was conducted of The John R. Wooden Award Committee to determine the%^$Preseason Top 50 candidates for the 2000-2001 Wooden Award All-American%^$Team.%^$

%^$On March 27, 2001, the ten-player Wooden Award All-American Team will be%^$announced. One member of the Wooden Award All-American Team will be selected%^$on Friday April 6, 2001 as the recipient of the Wooden Award Trophy as the%^$nation’s “Most Outstanding Collegiate Basketball Player of the Year.” The%^$event will be a one hour telecast on FOX Sports Net. The top 50 Candidates%^$have been selected based on last year’s individual performance and team%^$records. The Top 25 selections are denoted with an asterisk (*). Each%^$year, players who were considered for the Top 25 have been selected to the%^$All-American Team. In late December, the Wooden Award committee will release%^$the Midseason Top 30 during a half-hour program on FOX Sports Net. For more%^$information on candidates and the Wooden Award program, visit our website at%^$^$


%^$Gilbert Arenas 6’3″ So. G Arizona%^$Brandon Armstrong 6’5″ Jr. G Pepperdine%^$Luke Axtell 6’9″ Sr. F Kansas%^$Shane Battier!* 6’8″ Sr. F Duke%^$Lonny Baxter* 6’8″ Jr. F Maryland%^$Charlie Bell* 6’3″ Sr. G Michigan St.%^$Keith Bogans 6’5″ So. G Kentucky%^$Carlos Boozer* 6’9″ So. F Duke%^$Cory Bradford* 6’3″ Jr. G Illinois%^$SirValiant Brown 6’1″ So. G George Washington%^$Rasuel Butler 6’7″ Jr. F La Salle%^$Casey Calvary 6’8″ Sr. F Gonzaga%^$Jason Capel 6’7″ Jr. F North Carolina%^$Eric Chenowith* 7’1″ Sr. C Kansas%^$Jarron Collins* 6’10” Sr. F Stanford%^$Samuel Dalembert 6’11” So. C Seton Hall%^$Juan Dixon* 6’3″ Jr. G Maryland%^$Mike Dunleavy Jr. 6’8″ So. F Duke%^$Joe Forte 6’3″ So. G North Carolina%^$Jason Gardner* 5’11” So. G Arizona%^$Kenny Gregory 6’5″ Sr. F Kansas%^$Tony Harris* 6′ Sr. G Tennessee%^$Udonis Haslem* 6’7″ Jr. C Florida%^$Brendan Haywood* 7′ Sr. C North Carolina%^$Andre Hutson 6’8″ Sr. F Michigan State%^$Casey Jacobsen* 6’6″ So. F Stanford%^$Richard Jefferson 6’7″ Jr. F Arizona%^$Ken Johnson* 6’11” Sr. C Ohio State%^$Britton Johnson 6’9″ Jr. G Utah%^$Joe Johnson 6’6″ So. F Arkansas%^$Kaspars Kambala* 6’9″ Sr. F UNLV%^$Jason Kapono* 6’7″ So. F UCLA%^$Mike Kelley* 6’3″ Sr. G Wisconsin%^$Terence Morris* 6’9″ Sr. F Maryland%^$Albert Mourning 6’3″ Sr. F Connecticut%^$Troy Murphy!* 6’9″ Jr. G Notre Dame%^$Robert O’Kelly 6’1″ Sr. G Wake Forest%^$Dean Oliver 5’11” Sr. G Iowa%^$Tayshaun Prince* 6’8 Jr. F Kentucky%^$Kenny Satterfield 6’2″ So. G Cincinnati%^$Brian Scalabrine* 6’9″ Sr. F USC%^$Darius Songaila 6’9″ Jr. F Wake Forest%^$Deaundra Tanner 6’2″ Sr. G Oregon St.%^$Jamaal Tinsley 6’3″ Sr. G Iowa St.%^$Elton Tyler 6’9″ Sr. F Miami%^$B.B. Waldon 6’8″ Jr. F S. Florida%^$Jason Williams* 6’2″ So. G Duke%^$Loren Woods* 7’1″ Sr. C Arizona%^$Michael Wright* 6’8″ Jr. F Arizona%^$Vincent Yarbrough* 6’7″ Jr. F Tennessee%^$

%^$! = Indicates player was a 1999-2000 John R. Wooden Award All-American.
%^$*= Indicates player was a Top 25 vote-getter