April 1, 2000


The Ohio State novice crews fell to the Louisville Cardinals Saturday, winning one of the three races.%^$

The novice four `A’ boat crossed the finish line first with a time of 9:41.08. The novice four “B” boat posted a second-place time of 9:51.55 and the Louisville four boat came across with a time of 10:05.92. In “the main event”, the first novice eight race, Louisville’s crew finished just a few seconds above Ohio State with a time of 7:24.69, while the Buckeyes rowed a time of 7:32.07. This is Louisville’s first season as a varsity program.%^$

The Buckeyes open the Big Ten season hosting Iowa and Wisconsin at 9 a.m., Saturday April 8 at the Griggs Reservoir on the Scioto River. The afternoon races begin at 1 p.m. and will wrap-up around 3 p.m.%^$


%^$Crew Time%^$Ohio State “A” Novice Four 9:41.08%^$Ohio State “B” Novice Four 9:51.55%^$Louisville Novice Four 10:05.92%^$

%^$Louisville Second Novice Eight 8:05.03%^$Ohio State Second Novice Eight 8:12.85%^$

%^$Louisville First Novice Eight 7:24.69%^$Ohio State First Novice Eight 7:32.07