May 6, 1999

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Matchups with 1998 National Champion New Hampshire and%^$two Eastern College Athletic Conference powerhouses – Cornell and St.%^$Lawrence – headline the 1999-2000 womens ice hockey schedule, announced%^$today by head coach Jackie Barto, commencing a new era for Ohio States%^$newest varsity sport. %^$

%^$The Buckeyes begin their inaugural season Oct. 8 against Northeastern%^$University. The season opener will be preceded by an exhibition game%^$against the University of Guelph Oct. 2.%^$

%^$”We have put together an exciting schedule for our first season of%^$play.” Barto said. “The quality of our schedule allows our athletes to%^$grow and develop against the top competition in the country.”%^$

%^$A member of the Women’s Western Collegiate Hockey Association, the schedule%^$showcases 24 contests against league foes Wisconsin, Minnesota, Bemidji%^$State (Minn.), Minnesota-Duluth, Minnesota State-Mankato and St. Cloud%^$State. Six conference matchups will be contested on home ice at the OSU%^$Ice Rink.%^$

%^$The Buckeyes will travel to the Princeton Invitational Tournament Nov.%^$27-28, where they will compete against Yale and Princeton. Ohio State%^$will challenge New Hampshire, the 1998 National Champions, on the road%^$in January.%^$

%^$The millennium begins in a big way for the Buckeyes as they challenge%^$New Hampshire Jan. 1-2, followed by Cornell and St. Lawrence in%^$mid-February.%^$


%^$OCTOBER%^$ 2 Saturday UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH (exhibition) 7 p.m.%^$ 8 Friday NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 7 p.m.%^$ 9 Saturday NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 7 p.m.%^$15 Friday UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN 7 p.m.%^$16 Saturday UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN 4 p.m.%^$22 Friday at St. Cloud State University 7:05p.m.%^$23 Saturday at St. Cloud State University 3:05p.m.%^$30 Saturday at University of Minnesota-Duluth 2:05p.m.%^$31 Sunday at University of Minnesota-Duluth 2:05p.m.%^$

%^$NOVEMBER%^$ 5 Friday UNIVERSITY OF FINDLAY 7 p.m.%^$ 7 Sunday at University of Findlay 2 p.m.%^$12 Friday UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 7 p.m.%^$13 Saturday UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 7 p.m.%^$19 Friday at Bemidji State University 7:05p.m.%^$20 Saturday at Bemidji State University 7:05p.m.%^$27 Saturday vs. Yale University ! 2 p.m.%^$28 Sunday at Princeton University ! 1:30p.m.%^$

%^$DECEMBER %^$10 Friday at Minnesota State, Mankato 2:05p.m.%^$11 Saturday at Minnesota State, Mankato 2:05p.m.%^$

%^$JANUARY%^$ 1 Saturday at University of New Hampshire 7 p.m.%^$ 2 Sunday at University of New Hampshire 2 p.m.%^$14 Friday BEMIDJI STATE UNIVERSITY 7 p.m.%^$15 Saturday BEMIDJI STATE UNIVERSITY 4 p.m.%^$21 Friday at University of Wisconsin 7 p.m.%^$22 Saturday at University of Wisconsin 7 p.m.%^$28 Friday UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA-DULUTH 7 p.m.%^$29 Saturday UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA-DULUTH 7 p.m.%^$

%^$FEBRUARY%^$ 4 Friday at University of Minnesota 7:05p.m.%^$ 5 Saturday at University of Minnesota 7:05p.m.%^$11 Friday CORNELL UNIVERSITY 7 p.m.%^$12 Saturday ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY 4 p.m.%^$18 Friday MINNESOTA STATE, MANKATO 7 p.m.%^$19 Saturday MINNESOTA STATE, MANKATO 7 p.m.%^$25 Friday ST. CLOUD STATE UNIVERSITY 7 p.m.%^$26 Saturday ST. CLOUD STATE UNIVERSITY 7 p.m.%^$ %^$MARCH%^$ 2 Thursday WWCHA Championship TBA%^$ 3 Friday WWCHA Championship TBA%^$ 4 Saturday WWCHA Championship TBA%^$

%^$! Princeton Invitational Tournament, at Princeton, New Jersey%^$All games in CAPS will be played at the Ohio State Ice Rink%^$%^$

-Go Bucks!-