Senior forward Hayley Klassen was named a co-captain for the Buckeyes for 2008-09 after being the top returning scorer from last season. The Saskatoon, Saskatchewan native has been an anchor on the ice for Ohio State. She missed the first games of her career earlier this season, sitting out two series with an injury. Klassen has come back with a vengence with 15 points since her return.

I am … 21 years old and loving life.

I have … a dog named Lily and a cat named Lola.

I will … have dreadlocks at some point in my life.

I started playing hockey because … my brother played, and I asked my dad if I could play too.

I chose to come to Ohio State because … I had a great visit and loved the campus.

The best thing about playing college athletics is … all the great people you meet and the Ohio State attire you acquire.

Three words to describe me are … thirty, flirty and thriving.

Fans may not know this about the team …Ton has the greasiest hair, Rocky showers twice a week, Feste only eats salad and raw fish, Shannon loves to dance by herself…Sandy loves to watch.

My favorite thing about the sport of hockey is … the competiveness.

My biggest pet peeve is … peeling oranges, loud breathers, people who wear socks with sandals or tennis shoes with jeans, and UGGS.

In 20 years, I would like to be … thirty, flirty and thriving.

When not at the rink, my favorite thing to do is … get ahead in my schoolwork and making origami.

I can’t imagine living without … my family, friends, and my bed.

Favorite song to sing in the shower … “Single Ladies” by Beyonce.

My favorite spot on campus is … The Oval, it has the best grass.

What are your pre-game rituals/routines? Play a little keep up with Mac, Rocky and whoever else straggles up. Then tape my stick, listen to my IPod, do our team warm up then get ready for the game.

What’s in your refrigerator? Milk.

Any New Years Resolutions? Beat up Mac more often.

What are your plans for next year? Graduate and get into grad school.

Tell us about your family … I have lovely parents Jim and Sharon who enjoy long walks by the Saskatchewan River. My older brother Chad is a student-athlete at The University of Alberta, and my younger sister Maggie is a gypsy.

Tell us about your hometown … Saskatoon…beautiful in the summer, freezing cold and unbearable in the winter.