Oct. 10, 2002

Coach Jim Foster
On the season preparation
“Our goal is to get better every day and teach each player a wide range of things we are going to see during the season. We have to be prepared for anything.”

On defense
“We have been playing a basic defense and we have to learn how to adjust on the fly. I’m not going to spend a lot of time dwelling on an opponent. You have to get your team ready to play.”

On offense
“I don’t have a predetermined notion of what we are going to do. We’ll just have to see what evolves. I haven’t had a chance to see what the freshmen are going to do. We will incorporate a mixture of lineups and schemes.”

On the talent of the team
“We have the potential to be a lot of things. We can put a very athletic team on the floor, a big team or a team that is going to pressure you.”

On the trip to Europe
“The trip was invaluable. They learned a fair amount in the ten days. What we didn’t let them do is go up and down the court. We did not push ourselves because we had games coming up. We were very patient and I think it paid off. We got better every time we played.”

Senior DiDi Reynolds
On preparing for the upcoming season
“Coming off a winning record in Europe is always a positive way to begin a season. We learned a lot about our coach and ourselves. We have four and a half weeks before we start and I think that will give us time to get ready.”

On position role of the squad
“Wherever Coach Foster puts me is fine and I will do whatever is needed. I just want to play and contribute to the team.”

On a new coach, new system
“I think we can adapt quickly. With a new staff, nobody knows what to expect. I think we will turn some heads this season.”

Junior Tanya McClure
On the Europe trip
“The trip was very good for us because we got to play and work on our timing.”

On being a captain last year
“I think captain is just a title. I was very happy the team chose me last year. My personality and being point guard makes me a leader, regardless of title. If I was the 13th player off the bench, I would still be yelling and trying to lead.”

Junior LaToya Turner
On Coach Foster
“He is finding a lot of things that I can do and has taught me a lot in the past few months.”

On playing as a team
“Everyone has a role, but you have to come together and play as a team. My role is to stay healthy and go out there and play basketball. That’s something I’m looking forward to. Everyone has a different role and they know what they are supposed to do. Then you put them all together and it all works out.”

Sophomore Caity Matter
On the trip to Europe
“It gave us a chance to see how he (Coach Foster) wants things done as far as practices, how to react during games and what type of entrances we need to make every time we come out on the floor. I think (this season) is going to be fun and everyone is ready to go.”

On Coach Foster
“He expects the highest out of you and nothing less. Honestly, I think that’s what everyone should expect of themselves when they step on the court. We get out there and practice hard and that’s going to help prepare us for games.”