Sophomore center Jantel Lavender has a great supporter in twin sister Jazmine 

By Larry Watts

Jantel Lavender’s toughest critic has a reserved seat right on the bench of the Ohio State women’s basketball team.

No, it’s not head coach Jim Foster, although he would rank right up there. Nor is it any of Foster’s trusted assistants.

Lavender’s No. 1 critic, and her biggest fan, is one of the team managers — twin sister Jazmine.


But when seeking Jazmine, don’t go looking for a matching 6-foot-4 body in street clothes. Though 46 minutes older than Jantel, Jazmine is slightly shorter — seven inches shorter.

Tall for women’s standards at 5-9, Jazmine may be dwarfed by her younger sister, but she is no shrinking violet. She is ready to provide the big pat on the back as well as the big slap to the back of the head.

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