by: Leah Abouahmed, Ohio State Athletics Communications

The Gysin sisters talk about being teammates, sisters and friends.

Growing up, the Gysin sisters, of the women’s lacrosse team, moved around the country, living in a variety of zip codes, but two things throughout their live have remained the same their love for lacrosse and each other.

For young women’s lacrosse players, the summer between your junior and senior year of high school is when you typically join club team in hopes of being recruited by a university to play in college. Current Ohio State senior defenseman Kendall Gysin was not sure she wanted to play collegiate lacrosse, but she was sure she wanted to play on the club team.

“My parents told me I was only allowed to play club if I was going to play lacrosse in college,” Kendall said. “I sent some facts about myself to smaller schools and had even sent some stuff to Ohio University, but hadn’t sent anything to Ohio State.”

Before her chance was up, Kendall moved fast to send her lacrosse resume to the Buckeyes. The Ohio State coaching staff, headed by Sue Stimmel, were intrigued by her stats and decided to make a visit to watch Kendall in action at one of her last high school tournaments. In due time, she was offered a scholarship and suited up in Scarlet and Gray.

Younger sister Lindsey Gysin, now a sophomore defenseman for the Buckeyes, followed in her older sister’s footsteps just two years later.

“Who wouldn’t want to be a Buckeye,” Lindsey said. “When I looked at the big picture and compared Ohio State to other schools, there really was no comparison for me.”

Growing up, the sisters got along, suffering from only the minor and occasional fights typical among siblings. The two even shared a room together, that is, until one day Kendall decided to move into the guest bedroom without warning her younger sister.

“When I was in fifth grade, we shared a room,” Lindsey said. “I loved it! But one night I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning, everything was moved out.”

Although their living arrangements had only distanced the two from a couple feet to a hallway, the sister’s bond only grew stronger.  Having played on the same teams (lacrosse, field hockey and basketball) all through high school together, the two rarely would hang out socially. It was not until Lindsey came to Ohio State that the two would become best friends. Now on campus, the two live only two doors down from each other and have plans of moving in together once Kendall graduates this spring.

As teammates, sisters and best friends, the Gysin duo has a natural feel for each other when they play together. Without needing to verbalize what the other will do next, works well for each other, but sometimes leaves the rest of their team in the dark.

“We have played together for so long that Sue (Stimmel) yells at us and tells us that we have to talk,” Kendall said. “She tells us we have to verbally talk because we might know what the other is going to do, but the rest of the team does not.”

When Kendall does graduate in June, she has high expectations for the Ohio State women’s lacrosse program when she leaves the program and her sister behind.
“The other captains and I talk about changing the culture of the team,” Kendall said. “We want to change the way people see Ohio State lacrosse. We want to be like Johns Hopkins, UNC and Maryland and we can be. It was, is now and can be great.”

When this season comes, Kendall will move on to the next chapter of her life and leave the team she cares for so much in the hands of her best friend, Lindsey. Although it may be the last time the Gysin sisters are teammates, they will always be sisters and always be friends.