Junior defenseman Rachel Davis and the Ohio State women’s hockey team are away this Thanksgiving weekend for a nonconference series at St. Lawrence in Canton, N.Y. The Horton, Mich., native blogs about the trip, Thanksgiving and more for Buckeye fans. 

Thursday, Nov. 27

After practice on Wednesday we loaded the bus for the first part of the trip to St. Lawrence, a five hour drive to Buffalo. After a showing of Kung-Fu Panda “which blinded us all from its total awesomeness”, we had a bake-off between Kate and Courtney our trainer and communications director. The categories were bread, cookies, and other (and Rocky [Raelyn LaRocque] wanted potatoes). Although I voted for Courtney in 2 of the 3 events, Kate won. Maybe next time, Court. The rest of the trip, most of us slept and Rocky made a fort.

Today, we woke up at 8 a.m. for some breakfast before we hit the road again to finish up the trip to St. Lawrence with another five hour drive. After clearing out the breakfast bar, I don’t think the hotel will be offering us free food any time soon. We watched Wall-E on the bus, there was mixed feelings about the movie by the end, followed by everyone mimicking robot sounds. Kim Theut was bitter about losing in a game of “20 questions”. By the way, gum is not a candy.

Next came our first of two Thanksgiving meals. The Ramada Inn in Watertown, N.Y., gave a nice buffet of turkey, stuffing, mullets and plenty of desserts. After a brief snowball fight, we were all out for the remaining leg of the trip. The coaches got a break for a while.

We had an hour and a half practice to stretch our legs and work off that tryptophan (p.s. I wrote that word correctly the first time). Our second Thanksgiving dinner was at our hotel in Canton and we all had helpings of pumpkin pie. By 7 p.m., I think we were all asleep from a food coma.

After two days of travel, we’re excited to finally get to play St. Lawrence tomorrow afternoon. We’re all going to miss our hometown fans this weekend (families, friends, and of course the Superfans) and we hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Rachel… out 🙂

Friday, Nov. 28


A wake up call at 8:15 (which came much too soon) got us up for some delicious french toast and oatmeal. We then had a pregame skate which got the legs moving and everyone geared up for the game. If the pregame skate didn’t get us ready for the game, the rousing game of musical chairs in the locker room did. Deidre provided the music.

We came back to the hotel just in time for some lunch (cherry pie yum!). We have a couple of hours until game time and everyone is getting ready for the first game against St. Lawrence. Coach Liegl wanted a shout out… Hey!


Tough game tonight against No. 5 St. Lawrence. Although the final wasn’t what we expected, I really think we can hang with this team and tomorrow we’re going to come out flying. The attitude on the team is a positive one and we are determined to pull out a win on the road.

Recap from Friday Game

Saturday, Nov. 29


Today everyone is really excited about playing again. With a 10 hour bus ride ahead of us, a win would make a great departing gift. The start of the game begins in a few hours and everyone is getting eager to go out and prove what we can do. Go Bucks!


The game today was a lot of fun to play. The whole team never gave up and gave 100% every shift. Even though the score did not end up in our favor, it was a turning point for this team. We played with intensity and we now know that if we play like this every game, our opponents are going to have trouble against us. One more road series is ahead of us before the holiday break that we’re all looking forward to.

On the bus, we’re all in good spirits even though a straight 10-hour drive is ahead of us. After 5 or 6 hours, I’m sure the shenanigans will begin. If we make it back to Columbus still liking each other, it will be a miracle.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

R.D. over and out.

Recap from Saturday Game