Sophomores Shannon Reilly and Sandy Nelson are known as “the Shandy’s” to their teammates on the Ohio State women’s hockey team. This weekend, the two unite to keep Buckeye fans updated from the road at No. 3 Minnesota Duluth. The games will be played both Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. (CT) at the DECC in Duluth, Minn. Live scoring is available on the women’s hockey page on and more updates will be provided by the Shandys’ blog.

Sunday Morning

This might be our last blog ever! This trip we were nominated by teammates, maybe if we are promoted we will see you in the future. I’m sure you know that we lost last night to Duluth. We were ahead 2-1 after the second and then we got away from our game plan and left losing 7-2. Hopefully, we will be back up in Duluth for playoffs so we can play a full 60 minutes of a classy game.

We definitely did play some good Buckeye hockey in the weekend but it’s the time of the year where we need to bring it together and find a way to play hard from start to finish every game. Come support the Buckeyes for the last home series of the year this coming weekend against Mankato State. Free admission, we need your support! Thanks to everyone who was following us this weekend.

Shandys out

Click here for a recap of Saturday’s game

Saturday Afternoon

Hello Buckeye fans – it is Shandy No. 2 Sandy Nelson. First, we must say Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Not to brag, but we have been getting love messages all day … irresistible.

The Ohio State Buckeyes started the day with a nutritious continental breakfast at 9:30 and then went to pre-game skate at 10. Although skate was optional today most of us went on the ice to get the legs going. The team morale is high. At practice, Olivia taught Spoon-the-Goon (Natalie Spooner) how to play the rebound game correctly. Barbie Bilko was successful and shut them down 3-0. Way to go Barb! Davis was dangling, as always. She is so predictable! Rocky decided to go with a different strategy today. She got on the bike preaching, “the legs feed the wolf” and wanted to conserve her energy for the battle tonight.

After skate we went over video of Friday night’s game, trying to clean up and fix the mistakes we made so we can be victorious tonight. Our mission tonight is to  stick to what works for us and snag two points from the Bulldogs.

After video, since Shannon turned me down when I asked her to be my Valentine, feeling complete devastation, I had to resort to a Valentine’s therapeutic massage from the generous man offering them in our hotel lobby. Boy was that nice! Duluth has been very kind to us. ☺

Detroit’s own Kimmay T (Kim Theut) and I went to Caribou Coffee across the street to get our pregame White Hot Chocolates, we are obsessed. It is now time for us to take our pregame nap, but before we go to sleep Cussy (Christina Mancuso) is going to get us Jimmy John’s. She is the best. Well that’s it for now.  We will see you postgame. 

Shandy’s out.


P.S.  Please vote for our talented team co-captain Hayley Klassen, for the NCAA Skills Challenge ( We would love her to represent the Ohio State women’s ice hockey team!

Friday Night

Hello all! This is Sandy (Shandy No. 2). The Buckeyes are back at the hotel after the game, living our last few minutes of our unlucky Friday the 13th.

We came out really strong in the first period and tied the game 1-1, but unfortunately couldn’t build off of it and fell to Duluth 4-1. We took some positives out of the game today and look forward to a rematch tomorrow. We have some unfinished business to take care of! We hope to receive some love from the hockey gods on Valentine’s Day since none of us have any dates, well maybe one of us will.

After a postgame meal of sandwiches and chicken wild rice soup we head to our rooms to rest up for our 9 a.m. wake up call. Shannon and I will be back shortly!

Goodnight from the Buckeyes,


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Friday Afternoon

Good Afternoon Buckeyes, this is the No. 1 Shandy Shannon speaking. Wake up call today was at 9 a.m. followed by a continental breakfast at Canal Park Lodge.  After I ate a waffle, we loaded the bus to head to pre-game skate. We got our legs loose with some flow drills and we played the rebound game to finish practice.

I had the luxury of teaching Sandy and Liv the different ways to make a pass. I showed them the difference between a slapping pass and a crisp pass. Following skate, we all headed back to the hotel for some down time.

Everyone does there own thing in order to get ready for the big game tonight. Morgan and Teal like to spend some of their time straightening their hair together while listening to Latin beats. While other girls like Deej (Deidre Facklis), Carl (Brittany Carlson), Barbie, and Kim take romantic walks together along Lake Superior. Not my pre-game routine of choice. I usually like to get some homework done and take a long nap. Today, Sandy and I did economic homework in the business center.

Now it’s that time of the day where I take my pre-game nap! We will be ready to play when the puck drops tonight!

GO BUCKS!! Peace and Love!

Shannon (Shandy 1)

Thursday Night

Hello this weekend’s blogger’s are back in action!

We arrived in Minneapolis at 6:30 p.m. CT. Senior Olivia Antognoli was quick to play her silly little games on Mac (Laura McIntosh). Liv is the team prankster.  Lucky for us this weekend, we were not on trunks. Trunks are the extra equipment and sticks that we bring for away games. And let me say the bags weigh more than we do, so the three-dollar pushcarts definitely come in handy! 

This weekend it was the freshmen and junior duty. We loaded the bus and stopped at Quizno’s. On the bus everyone was pretty low key, tired and eager to get to the hotel in Duluth. We are disappointed that we missed pre-game skate, but nothing is getting in our way of playing 60 minutes of Buckeye hockey Friday night. 

After a two-hour bus ride we finally arrived in Duluth. Everyone flocked to their roommates and headed up to their rooms for a good nights’ sleep. Sandy’s roommates are Jenna Kilpatrick and Barbie Bilko. I wonder who’s the lucky one on the cot?  Shannon’s roommate for the fifth time is Kimmay T. Now it’s that time of the night that we make sure all the kiddies are in bed dreaming of a Bulldog upset. Lights out for us at 10 p.m. on game nights. Goodnight Buckeyes! 

Shandy’s out.

P.S. Davis you are so predictable!  .

Thursday Afternoon

Hello Ohio State women’s ice hockey dedicated followers, this is the Shandy’s (Shannon Reilly + Sandy Nelson) speaking to you from Detroit Airport approximately 3:27 p.m. ET.  It has been a very long, strenuous day for the Buckeyes. About 15 minutes before the awaking of our alarms our co-captain Hayley “The Payley” Klassen, came to my (Shannon’s) room and told me that our 9 a.m. flight had been cancelled. We were given the message to attend our classes and we would depart early Friday morning for Duluth, Minnesota.

With this news we jolted out of bed in excitement to attend our History 152 class together. On our way out the door, Sir Josh (assistant coach Josh Liegl) popped us a “T bomb” that we need to be at the rink at 11 a.m. to be packed and ready to go! 

With massive confusion we obeyed his orders and were at the rink at 10:42 a.m. to pack our hockey bags and load the bus. The itinerary for the day was as follows: drive to the Detroit airport, fly to Minneapolis, drive two and a half hours north to our final destination of the windy shores of Duluth.

Before we left, our coach Jackie Barto said, “Good teams are able to be flexible and control the things that we can control.”

On the bus ride up some slept, some did homework, some drew pictures (Kim Theut, team artist) while others watched House Bunny and Anchorman. We thought that being the two most studious members on the team we would take full advantage of the time given to get ahead in our studies. I (Shannon) am usually the one who has to give Sandy a thousand reasons why she needs to do her homework and she eventually makes the right decision.  We are about to board the plane to arrive in the greatest state Minnesota.

See you in Duluth for the next update.