"Where Are They Now" Series

Brock Davin

Football to Finance

Brock played football at Ohio State graduating in 2020. He chose to move on after his career was over to a life in Finance. He works within the company’s Private Equity Funds.

Current Title: Asset Management Division: Analyst

On how the Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute helped Brock Davin's transition from the gridiron at Ohio State to Goldman Sachs

Q&A with Brock

How did you land your current role?

I was able to use some amazing resources within the Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute…Bucks Go Pro. Additionally, I used Maddy McIntyre and Ryan Stamper to get connected. Leveraging connections and the resources you have at Ohio State plays a big role in future opportunities.

Gridiron to Goldman Sachs

How did athletics prepare you for your career?

Football’s Real Life Wednesdays and Bucks Go Pro helped develop resume building skills along with making connections through LinkedIn, Brock said.

Additionally, the Buckeye tight end described his Bucks Go Pro 2.0 internship with Porter Wright & Anomaly Sports Group an “amazing experience.”

Brock's Keys to Success


Standard of Excellence as an athlete translates to upholding being excellent in the work place as well. Being accountable to that standard on the field is the same as being accountable to that standard in the work force.

Big Three

Brock credited three factors to his success after he left Ohio State:

  1. Real Life Wednesdays and Bucks Go Pro
  2. Teachers and Coaches at Ohio State
  3. The Brotherhood of Ohio State Football