November 25, 2016

Where Are They Now? Alicia McClure-Cafarelli


Nov. 25, 2016

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Alicia Cafarelli-McClure was a defender for the Buckeyes from 2003-2006. While playing for Ohio State, she was an Ohio State Scholar-Athlete in 2003, 2005 and 2006 while lettering three years from 2004-2006. She also won the annual Buckeye Power Club Award twice (2005-06), an award given out to an athlete of each team that exemplifies superior leadership ability, work ethic, a winning attitude, attendance and leadership. Today, she works in marketing for Nationwide Insurance in Columbus.

Can you recall your favorite memory as a Buckeye?
Hands down, it was the 2005 home game against Johns Hopkins, who was ranked 8th at the time. Pre-game warmup started out great; it was warm enough weather to wear short sleeves. From the first whistle it was a BATTLE. Everyone on the field was going 110% and both teams were trading off the lead, back and forth. Just as things were starting to heat up, the weather took a dramatic turn and all you could see were blankets of snow falling. I couldn’t even see my teammates on the field who were no further than 5 yards away from me. The officials finally paused the game and it was decided that it would resume on the indoor turf. Once we walked onto the indoor turf, the intensity of the game went from a 10 to an 11. Trash talking was at its best; girls were diving all over the place to chase after shots, girls were getting carded and kicked out and the crowd that attended somehow squeezed their way onto the small turf area to fill every inch with bodies and noise. We were able to pull off a 12-9 victory over the Blue Jays. I’ll never forget that win.

What does being an Ohio State alumni and former women’s lacrosse team player mean to you?
Without it, I don’t know where I would be. I owe so much to the program. It taught me how to physically and mentally push myself past points I didn’t even know were possible. Even though I am 10 years removed from playing, I will never lose that connection to the program and the girls I played with.

How did being a Buckeye prepare you for what was to come after leaving Ohio State?
It completely set me up for success. Not only having OSU as your alma mater, but being a college athlete is a great accomplishment and in the work place it speaks volumes. I have yet to go into an interview and not talk about lacrosse for at least 50% of the time answering their questions.

As an alumnus of the women’s lacrosse team, what advice would you give student athletes today?
Cherish the moments. The laughing and joking in the locker rooms, the funny/motivational interactions to get you through those tough practices, the bus rides and the achievements you experience as a team. Those things, no one can ever take away, but you will miss them. So live in the moment.

Is there anyone specific from your team who had a particular impact on you?
Kim Lowe, who such a great leader and mentor. I only played with her for one year, but she taught me so much.

Are you able to take the lessons you learned as a Buckeye and apply them to your life today?
Everyday. Working with a team. Dealing with people you may not get along with on a personal level. Pushing yourself to do better. Finding motivation when sometimes the challenge in front of you seems too hard. Finally, appreciate the differences in people and what makes them special. I loved coming to OSU for the first time and seeing how different each of my teammates were, but all having one thing in common … lacrosse.

How did you choose the field that you are currently working in or studying?
I went with marketing because it has so much flexibility as to what kind of role you can fill after you graduate.

What is your favorite part of your current occupation?
I get to think up new campaigns and projects for sports and alumni groups and then bring them to life.

Do you have any other hobbies or interests?
I’m paying it forward by running a girl’s lacrosse program here in Columbus, and I love it. Outside of my career and lacrosse I love spending time with my 16-month old daughter and husband, who also played OSU lacrosse.