February 16, 2021

What Their Teammates Are Saying About the Captains…


On Tuesday, Ohio State announced four captains for the 2020-21 season: senior Niki Carer, juniors Ashley Prange and Kaitlyn Coffman and sophomore Avery Clark.

Just as important as who they are is why they were selected. Their teammates told us what makes them great players, great people and worthy of the honor of leading the 2021 Buckeyes.

Niki Carver // Sr. // INF

“Niki is truly a great leader and she goes above and beyond for her team. She is an extraordinary captain because she is a good friend and teammate. Every time she steps on the field she is supportive and encouraging in a way that brings out the best in her teammates. We can always depend on Niki, on or off the field.”  //  Jessica Ross, junior pitcher

Kaitlyn Coffman // Jr. // OF

“There is a bucket list of reasons as to why I think Kaitlyn is such a great captain for our team. On and off the field she’s equally your biggest motivator as she is a friend. Her grit and commitment to the team is what makes her so successful. Kaitlyn is someone that wants success from every one of her teammates, just as much as she does herself. She’s extremely selfless and the epitome what hard work looks like.” //  Emily Ruck, freshman pitcher

“Kaitlyn is someone who lets nothing stand in her way. She makes a good captain because she is driven and she wants this team to be successful as much as anything.” //  Sam Hackenbracht, sophomore catcher

Ashley Prange // INF // Jr.

“Ashley is a great leader because she shows her appreciation for each and every one of her teammates constantly. She focuses on her work ethic and encourages me to be the best infielder I could personally be. She always helps me see the field in a different perspective and that’s something special.”  //  Destinee Noury, freshman infield

“Ashley is an extremely authentic leader who is passionate and devoted to being a Buckeye. She is always leading by example. She is someone who lives up to the standard of being great every day, and there isn’t a practice or game where she isn’t giving her all. She motivates and encourages those around her by her contagious smile and energy, and she constantly pushes everyone around her to strive for greatness.”  //  Megan McMenemy, senior infield

Avery Clark // INF // So.

“Avery is everything you want in a leader. She is selfless, passionate and easily one of the hardest workers on the team. Avery embodies what it means to be a Buckeye and sets a standard for herself and others that is unmatched.”  //  Carley Gaskill, graduate infield

“Avery is a great captain because she exemplifies selflessness. No matter the circumstances, Avery is always there to pick her teammates up. She is someone you can lean on both on and off the field.”  //  Lindsey Potter, freshman outfield