Sept. 21, 2013

“The Chase” for perfection is the mantra for the 2013 Ohio State Buckeyes and for junior wide receiver Evan Spencer his chase has more of a personal tone.

“I basically came out of the womb with a football,” Spencer said. “With my dad coaching my entire life, it really taught me a lot about what it takes to get to the next level in football.”

The son of former Ohio State running back Tim Spencer, the younger Spencer has been involved with football for as long as he can remember.

Tim was a four-year letterman for the Buckeyes from 1979-1982 and returned to coach the Ohio State running backs during the 1994-2002 seasons.

Some may imagine having a father who is a Buckeye great would give Spencer an easy route to the ‘Shoe, but that is far from the truth. A sound football mind and fundamentals at his position are the reasons Spencer has the opportunity to be a Buckeye.

After having a productive fall camp, some of Spencer’s nerves were alleviated coming into the 2013 season. Despite the pressure, Spencer was reassured of his performance by his coaches and teammates and this fostered his ambition.

“My biggest concern going into camp was to stay healthy, and I did,” Spencer said. “I also wanted to improve my receiver fundamentals as well and I’m working on my growth as a route runner. It’s an on going process. In high school I was a running back and receiver, so it was a little different coming into a system where we have to be technical. I have progressed a lot and am working on getting low and lowering my center of gravity.”

With a great deal of Buckeye depth at receiver there is a lot of competition, however, when Spencer’s name is called he is ready.

“It’s a lot of competition but I have my own specific role making plays.” Spencer said. “We are going to have a lot of playmakers but this is Ohio State, it is what is expected. We will always have the best athletes. You have to be able to compete at this level. “

With the undefeated season behind him, Spencer is focused on “The Chase”. What ever his personal chase may be, it is enough to keep him on the pursuit for greatness. 

By: Ciara Travis, Ohio State Athletics Communications