January 19, 2020

Wrapping Up the Philadelphia Invitational


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COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State fencing program competed in its second competition of the weekend at the Philadelphia Invitational Sunday. The women finished 4-1, with the men 1-4.

Round 1

The men opened the competition with a tough 17-10 loss to NYU despite a strong Buckeye sabre win.

The women, however, dominated NYU, 23-4. Sabre swept 9-0 while foil and epee each picked up seven wins. Gabriela Cecchini, Montserrat Viveros and Aleksandra Kolmykova each contributed three wins. The Buckeyes conceded only four touches all match.

Round 2

In round two, the men’s squad pulled out a close 14-13 victory over Yale. Domenik Koch contributed three wins allowing sabre to dominate, 7-2. Bence Bende and Henry Lange each notched two epee wins.

The women edged out Temple 16-11 making them 2-0 in the first two rounds. Cecchini put up another three wins, continuing her undefeated record on the day. Camilla Rivano also posted a 3-0 record over the Owls.

Round 3

A tough 7-2 foil loss and 6-3 sabre loss dragged the Buckeyes down against the Penn men in round three. Stephen Chou and Bende posted two wins, but the team fell 18-9.

The women picked up their third win of the day against Penn. Rivano notched another three wins for foil, which contributed to its 7-2 win. Foil and epee both beat out the Quakers in the 16-11 win.

Round 4

The men’s and women’s teams fell to a strong Columbia side. Columbia’s top-ranked men’s squad and the third-ranked women’s squad both beat the Buckeyes, 16-11.

Round 5

St. John’s men came back strong after losing to the Buckeyes Saturday at the St. John’s Invitational. The Buckeyes took epee but conceded foil and sabre leaving them at a 16-11 deficit.

Women’s sabre marked eight wins, leading to a 15-12 victory over St. John’s. Julieta Toledo was the only Buckeye to win three bouts in round 5.

Ohio State Men
Round 1: NYU def. Ohio State 17-10 (F: 5-4 E: 7-2 S: 6-3)
Round 2:  Ohio State def. Yale 14-13 (F: 2-7 E: 5-4 S: 7-2)
Round 3: Penn def. Ohio State 18-9 (F: 7-2 E: 5-4 S: 6-3)
Round 4: Columbia def. Ohio State 16-11 (F: 8-1 E: 3-6 S: 5-4)
Round 5: St. John’s def. Ohio State 16-11 (F: 7-2 E: 3-6 S: 6-3)

Ohio State Women
Round 1: Ohio State def. NYU 23-4 (F: 7-2 E: 7-2 S: 9-0)
Round 2:  Ohio State def. Temple 16-11 (F: 7-2 E: 5-4 S: 4-5)
Round 3: Ohio State def. Penn 16-11 (F: 7-2 E: 5-4 S: 4-5)
Round 4: Columbia def. Ohio State 16-11 (F: 4-5 E: 5-4 S: 7-2)
Round 5: Ohio State def. St. John’s 15-12 (F: 4-5 E: 3-6 S: 8-1)

What’s Next?

The Buckeyes are back in action Feb. 1 at the Northwestern Duals.