Weather Information

The safety of our fans and visitors is our number one priority and The Ohio State University Department of Athletics is prepared to communicate with fans when inclement weather interferes with events at Ohio Stadium.

Please visit or follow Ohio State’s Emergency Management Twitter or Facebook accounts for official safety and game day weather-related information. For general game-day updates, fans are advised to follow the official social media channels for the Ohio State department of athletics: @OhioStAthletics on Twitter and Fans can also listen to Flagship station 97.1 FM The Fan for up-to-date news and information.

The most important message in advance of any kind of weather situation is for fans to listen to instructions from law enforcement officers and Public Safety personnel. Parking lot attendants will share details, when possible, as fans arrive. Once inside Ohio Stadium, please listen to the announcements over the public address system and to the instructions of the redcoats and ushers in their section of the stadium.

Ohio State monitors weather and has policies and procedures in place but each situation is different. The most likely scenario in an inclement weather situation is for fans to Shelter in Place. If inside the stadium, this often means leaving the open-seating area and taking shelter on the concourse, however, we advise everyone to follow the instructions given at the time.

We do not advise fans to leave Ohio Stadium during an inclement weather situation, however, fans that choose to do so will be allowed to re-enter with their ticket stubs. Those not already inside Ohio Stadium may opt to take cover in their cars or inside French Field House, St. John Arena or other open facilities.