Head coach Jim Foster, Jantel Lavender and Ashlee Trebilcock met with the media after Sunday’s practice at Nationwide Arena.  

2009 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament
Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio
March 22, 2009

Second-Round Pregame Press Conference/Ohio State

REPORTER:  You mentioned last night that Mississippi State, long athletic team, have you looked at them a little bit more between now and last night and can you offer some other impressions and are they kind of a typical, if there is such a thing as a typical SEC team?
                     COACH FOSTER:  A little bit different with the junior college
             dimension.  Even though they’re an older team, they’re not an older team
             relative to the Division I scenario.  In that respect, they’re a little bit
             of a young team, but they’re very talented.  Long, good defensively.
                     REPORTER:  Are they a team that really likes to run, that likes to
             create havoc?
                     COACH FOSTER:  They have a couple players that really like to run,
             the one kid, Number 5, she can really run.
                     REPORTER:  But they really rely a lot on their athleticism as we
             can tell, they’re people that speed up and help each other around on
             defense in particular.
                     COACH FOSTER:  Yeah, I also think that’s the kind of situation
             where the more patient you are, the better shot you’re going to get.  If
             they’re so oriented towards help, ball reversal is a good thing.  I think
             when Texas reversed the ball yesterday, I think understanding and having
             great empathy for Texas to play your first game without your point guard
             after you’ve played with her all season long, I thought they played
             extremely well in certain instances and looked like they were playing
             without their point guard in others.  But when they reversed the ball, they
             got great shots.
                     REPORTER:  For all of you, they seemed to really pride themselves
             on the fact that they’re relatively anonymous, that they don’t have a whole
             lot of first team all-conference players, that they kind of blend in and
             fill in and they’re relatively deep.  What do you think about that?
                     COACH FOSTER:  Well, I think it goes back to what I said before, I
             just don’t think people are used to them.  I mean, you have the junior
             college transfers sort of enter into your frame of reference the way
             freshmen do, and it takes you a little bit longer to honor such folks and I
             think when I look at the coaches’, the Big Ten, Sammi Prahalis was a Big
             Ten Freshman of the Year but didn’t make the first three teams coaches’,
             and then you look and see that the coaches voted very — voting is very
             senior dominated.  I think the coaches are more sentimental than you
             writers.  You writers sort of vote as to what you see and then I think
             Sammi was third team writers — second, second team writers.  Jim is trying
             to tell me that you’re really not sentimental at all.  And I think that
             that probably plays into it with Mississippi State as well.  I think you’re
             more inclined to vote for someone that you’ve watched play for four years
             than the kids that just burst on the scene.  You’ve only played against
             them once oftentimes in their conference structure.  So I can understand
                     REPORTER:  Coach, for you and maybe also Jantel, Number 10, one of
             the junior college players you referred to just seems like she has a little
             bit different of a game than your average post player, she’s got a lot more
             range shooting-wise.  Have you seen someone similar to her this year?  What
 sort of challenges does that present?
                     COACH FOSTER:  I think North Carolina’s got a couple players that
             play like that.  If I think long and hard I’ll probably come up with a
             couple, Auburn, the Bonner kid is post-oriented.  She’s a post player, 6-4.
             She plays about 85%, the kid at Auburn, about 85% of the game on the
             perimeter probably and then sneaks down.  I think in the heart of Number 10
             lies a guard and she’s just got a post player’s frame, but she loves
             playing away from the basket, but I think you see that more, much more
             today than you used to, than I think the players are used to.  I’ll let
             them speak to that.
                     JANTEL LAVENDER:  I didn’t really get a chance to see her, but I
             know she can shoot the mid-range shot.  I have defended some players in the
             Big Ten who can shoot the 15-footer, we have to just come out and play
       extremely hard and close down and make sure she doesn’t get those open looks.           
                     REPORTER:  Ashlee, did you guys have a chance to watch them at all
             yesterday?  Did you see some film of them today or is it going to be
             something that happens later?
                     ASHLEE TREBILCOCK:  After our shootaround, I was pretty much
             knocked out in the locker room, but I think a good share of our teammates
             went up and watched them the first half, but we just watched film on them,
             I’m sure we’ll be watching more and go over the scouting report and stuff.
                     REPORTER:  What’s your impression?
                     ASHLEE TREBILCOCK:  Just like they’ve been saying, long, athletic,
             they can get to the rim, good defense.
                     REPORTER:  Jim, one of the things about the game yesterday, they
             seemed to show a little bit of an edge at times in the game.  Did you see
             that from them and how do you like playing teams that bring an edge?
                     COACH FOSTER:  Well, we think we have one, so it will be an edgy
                     REPORTER:  Jantel, you said yesterday that you didn’t think you
             played your best game, were there any nerves yesterday at all with anybody
             or was it just because it was the first game of the tournament and did
             those go away and will the second game be more easy?
                     JANTEL LAVENDER:  I think just because we’ve had two weeks off, it
             was just kind of getting back into the game flow, so I think it will be
             better tomorrow.  I think that we’ll be a lot more cohesive as a unit.  I
             mean, I think yesterday was just everybody just getting that nerves shaken
             off, not playing the shot, so I think we’ll be ready tomorrow.