Seniors Star Allen and Ashlee Trebilcock reflect on their years at Ohio State

~ by Kendra Lee,

The Ohio State University’s women’s basketball program is one of the most decorated team’s in the Big Ten. The team has a tradition of excellence that cannot be rivaled in the history of women’s basketball in the conference and former, current and future players all understand the responsibility that comes with being a part of this program.

Just like their predecessors, seniors Ashlee Trebilcock and Star Allen have been a part of something great at Ohio State. They have been a part of three Big Ten titles and have had major career moments that will put them in the school’s history books.

More importantly, both have come to fully grasp what it means to play basketball at Ohio State.

“There is a lot of tradition here at Ohio State and I think we both knew that when we decided to come here,” Trebilcock, a native of Boise, Idaho, said. “Star and I have done our part to help carry on the success from the people before us.”

“It is a great opportunity to play here and be a part of something like this,” Allen, the Columbus product, said.

To attribute their many contributions, the pair has an excellent list of accolades. Allen was a 2006-07 second-team All-Big Ten selection as a sophomore and led the conference in field goal percentage (.625) that season. To go along with that, she set the Big Ten record in field goal percentage during conference games (.694). Trebilcock, a transfer from UCLA after her freshman season, was a 2007-08 Honorable Mention All-Big Ten selection.

Not only has success been a major part of their careers, but hardships as well. Trebilcock has suffered many setbacks from injuries, while Allen was forced to sit out to focus on academics last season.

“I’ve learned that it is important to keep the grades up,” Allen said.

“It has been a frustrating couple of years as far as injuries go,” Trebilcock said. “Most of the injuries I suffered were those that I couldn’t do anything about during the season. They just progressively got worse and towards the end of the year, I am and was completely miserable.

“But my teammates, especially Star, were and are always there to step up and be a good support,” Trebilcock added.

Some of their greatest support has come from each other. Not only has being teammates for three years helped the senior duo form a unique friendship, but also has the connections they had as kids.

Both attended the NIKE All-American Girls Camp throughout high school and played on a team together their senior year. Although they knew each other beforehand, it wasn’t until Trebilcock became a Buckeye their sophomore year that they realized the history they had with each other.

“I remember in the middle of our sophomore season I finally figured it out,” Allen said. “We were on the same team our senior year and didn’t even realize who each other were until that moment.”

This early connection on the court as high schoolers has established a greater connection for the two at Ohio State.

“The two-man game started once we figured out we’ve played with each other before,” Allen said.

“There are times when we would be playing that it just seemed like Star and I on the court,” Trebilcock said. “Sometimes, she would take the hand off from me and spin to the basket or she would see me take the backdoor and make a perfect pass. That’s the two-man game that we have.”

Their connection on the court can also be translated into their connection in everyday life. Whether it is hanging out after practice to having fun on the many road trips, Trebilcock and Allen have always had a unique, and sometimes entertaining, friendship.

“We have a great relationship,” Trebilcock said. “When we’re on the road, I’ll go to her hotel room just to bother her. All we do is friendly fight and make fun of each other.”

“Ashlee keeps me laughing,” Allen said. “She and I have this secret connection and we have a lot of fun together.”

“When we were sophomores, Alice Jamen kept saying that she couldn’t imagine what it was going to be like when Star and I are seniors,” Trebilcock added. “We were and still are the weirdest people on the team.”

All the time spent together as friends and being a part of this Buckeye team, the pair has learned valuable life lessons to carry with them the rest of their lives.

“Everyone that is a part of this team has taught us something,” Trebilcock said. “Being here was a stepping stone that has made us whole beings. As a student-athlete, learning how to manage your time and being exhausted, but still performing on the court are what will help us later in life.”

With their senior season coming to a close, Trebilcock and Allen are not sure what the future may bring. Trebilcock hopes to get a good job, while Allen is thinking about giving the WNBA a shot. Before their time at Ohio State is up, however, the twosome still has a little bit left to give to their younger teammates and the future Buckeyes that are to come.

“It goes by real quick and there are a lot of ups and downs,” Trebilcock said. “The end of the season is the toughest, but that’s the most important time to build your character so stay tough.”

“Have fun and play hard,” Allen said. “The coaches treat you as one of their own so make sure you listen to the advice they have to give.”

“Most importantly, never listen to any words of wisdom Star has to give,” Trebilcock closed with a laugh.