August 1, 2019

Watch: Buckeyes Talk About Portugal Trip



This month, the Ohio State men’s lacrosse program will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel overseas to Portugal and have an unmatched cultural/educational experience. Prior to leaving, several members of the team shared their thoughts on a variety of topics, including community service initiatives, competition against the England National Team and leisure activities such as surfing.

🗣️ Buckeyes on growing the game in Portugal

An important part of the Buckeye Lacrosse culture in growing the game, and the student-athletes and coaches will do that on multiple occasions with local youth who in some cases are being exposed to lacrosse for the first time.

“It’s our responsibility to continue to help the sport grow as much as we can and going over to Portugal will be a great opportunity to do that.”

🗣️ Buckeyes on playing the England National Team

The Buckeyes will play two games versus the England National Team on the week-long trip. In addition to the competition, they’ll also have a chance to spend time with the team members in a social setting to learn more about their training regime, etc.

“I’m interested to see the similarities and differences between the same game that we play.”

🗣️ Buckeyes on looking forward to surfing

The Buckeyes have also left plenty of time for fun on the upcoming trip, including an opportunity to enjoy one of the Portugal’s most well-known pastimes: surfing.

“I’m probably going to wipe out a lot so that will be enjoyable.”