Alright Buckeye fans time to rise up, vote for Script Ohio & show the new kids from Nebraska who has THE REAL HORSESHOE!

Today’s traditions poll pits Script vs. N’s own lucky locker room horseshoe. Um, is this really a contest? Click, vote, win! – VOTE

Excerpt from article:

A little background for those in the dark:

  • Script Ohio is probably the most famous of the the Buckeyes’ traditions and was begun by the marching band in the 1936 season. According to the Ohio State web site, “The script is an integrated series of evolutions and formations. The band first forms a triple Block O formation which will slowly unwind to form the famous letters. The drum major leads the outside O into a peel-off movement around the curves of the script, every musician in continual motion. The middle Block O revolves counter-clockwise as the other two rotate in a clockwise manner. Slowly the three blocks unfold into a long singular line which loops around, creating the OSUMB’s trademark.”
  • Nebraska has a lucky horseshoe that hangs above the door as the team leaves the North Stadium. It used to hang in the South Stadium tunnel. The Cornhuskers say the tradition of players tapping the horseshoe has gone on “for as long as anyone can remember.”

If I ( writer Brian Bennett) were voting, I’d give the nod to the higher seeded Ohio State tradition in this one. Script Ohio is so iconic, and it’s something every fan in the stands and people watching on TV can see develop. The horseshoe doesn’t carry the same weight with me.

But maybe I’m wrong. Go ahead and cast your vote to determine the outcome.