Buckeye defenders pass up pros, will complete OSU careers in 2010

This week, juniors Chimde Chekwa, Ross Homan and Cameron Heyward announced they will return for their senior seasons at Ohio State in 2010.

Thursday, Chekwa and Homan met with local Columbus media to discuss their decisions to play college football next season.

Watch the video in the photo box above.

Previous statements from Chekwa, Homan and Heyward: 


“I am not ready to leave Ohio State, and I am looking forward to my senior season. I prayed about this decision and talked about it with my parents, and I know this is the right decision for me.

“I will graduate next fall, and I am looking forward to being a leader on what can be a very special defense for the Buckeyes. After the Rose Bowl win, we are working toward accomplishing more great things, including another Big Ten title and a run at the national championship.”


“I had a long talk with my parents and I want to stay at Ohio State for my senior season.

“I look forward to being a senior leader, and helping try and lead our team to the Big Ten title and national championship. I know this upcoming year will help me improve as a player and also help our team. I believe we can even outwork ourselves from what we did this past season.

“Winning the Rose Bowl was a dream come true for me. I remember watching the 1997 game as a little kid; to get to play in the Rose Bowl and win it was something special. I believe we can have that kind of success again in 2010.”


“I am excited about next season and am looking forward to being one of the senior leaders of our team. I sat down and talked at length with my family about my situation, and they totally support my decision. I’ve been blessed to this point. I am just having fun being a college student.

“I learned a lot from seniors like Doug (Worthington) and Kurt (Coleman) and all they were able to accomplish during their senior year. I would love to be a part of Buckeye tradition like that. I think the upside is very positive.

“I want to help our team achieve the goals of winning another Big Ten title and possibly accomplishing a national championship. If I could win some recognition, that would be great as well. I think I can be a leader for our team, and I know another season will help me become a better player.”