Aug. 8, 2005

Hey everybody,

It’s me Jessica and we just got out of practice. Practice wasn’t too bad, it was only about hour and a half and we got a lot done. It’s kinda different in Turkey in terms of food. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a picky eater and that has not changed since I’ve been out here! I’m managing to eat enough but it’s not like a home cooked meal by my family or myself. I can’t wait to get back and eat a big meal prepared by my mother or even when we get to the airport maybe I can hit up a Steak Escape.

The Athlete Village is a pretty unique place. Our whole team lives in a apartment-type setting. There is a nice view overlooking everything so it’s nice to just go outside and chill for a minute when we have time. There are computer rooms, stores, TV lounges and games rooms to keep us entertained when you don’t want to just sit in your room.

It’s hard to explain all that I wanna say to explain how my trip is going. I’ve been having a blast getting to know all the girls and just taking in this beautiful country. The people here are nice and the scenery is beautiful to look at also. It’s funny because all I can do is look at stuff because nothing is in English! 🙂 Well, I’m going to wrap this up. I miss everyone at home and I cant wait to see all my family and friends back in Columbus!