Sept. 18, 2016

Opening statement:
“This is probably one of the top five hardest places to play. They’re a very talented team. From the opening kickoff, our guys swung as hard as we could. I made a comment earlier about how I almost took a deep breath when I watched our guys get on the buses and on the plane thinking, `my gosh, this is a young team.’ For a lot of them, this was their first real experience, and I’m very proud of them.”

On Senior CB Gareon Conley’s injury:
“From my understanding, he’s going to be fine. It was just precautionary and it was just a stinger, so he should be fine.” On the second half performance from specifically the younger guys: “I can’t wait to see the tape. But as coaches, you sit there and think about the kickoff return (Joe Mixon’s 97-yard TD return) and some of the timeout calls and see some of the things that show your youth.”

On Noah Brown’s catch over Michiah Quick and his overall play:
“I haven’t seen it yet. From what I heard, it’s one of the great catches. He’s a grinder. We love grinders and guys who work so hard. He was a starting receiver for us before he got hurt last season and to see him have success — that’s a good thing.”

On if it was a coming out party for Freshman RB Mike Weber Jr.:
“I thought he played great and was very stout. He ran the ball really well against a defense that is committed to stopping the run.”

On Curtis Samuel and Mike Weber Jr.’s one-two punch:
Curtis Samuel was a guy who waited his turn — he’s a talented guy. I think that a `one-two punch’ is a great way to identify those two.”