Nov. 29, 2014

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COACH MEYER: I want to say a special thanks to Chris Carter. I asked him to come back and be with us today, and obviously congratulate Troy Smith to have his name in this incredible stadium. What an honor.
Our fans, as always, in that stadium was electric. Very appreciative of that. Also a lot going on. A lot going on. We have a young man that’s missing, Kosta. Our prayers and thoughts are for him and his family have him returned home safe.
And obviously we lost a Heisman candidate today. J.T. Barrett, and I think he set the record for the history of the Big ten Conference for touchdowns, and that’s a tribute. So we gotta go. We gotta go and we have a lot of confidence in the guy that’s going to be doing it, his name is Cardale Jones. He’s been here I think for 120 years. He’s been here for a while.
He practices. He’s going to get all the reps. And so we’ve got to be ready to go. I’ll answer your questions.

Q. The win lose draw you were going to be playing in the championship game next week. But now without J.T., the season sort of ends how it started for you guys. How do you guys pick up and go on?
COACH MEYER: A quarterback is a product of those around him. And that was the fourth down and one call with hand the ball off to a very good running back and offensive line that blocks you. Make some plays at the quarterback position, which he has all the talent in the world. And the good thing he’s going to get a lot of reps. One thing about when you had J.T. Cardale didn’t get many because you were trying to get him ready to go.
But obviously we’ve got two quarterbacks go down and we’re going to find out if we earn our coaching stripes and do a good job.

Q. With J.T., is he for sure out next week?
COACH MEYER: Yeah, he’s for sure out. I don’t know the whole extent. I’m going to go right, when I’m done here.

Q. Could you just describe your emotions this week, with Kosta, with losing J.T. in this game today?
COACH MEYER: It’s unbelievable. One of those all you can do is grab a knee and play hard. And not one person can make it through this kind of week. You need your strength and on the team I know there’s a lot of prayers on the team because a lot of the guys are friends with Kosta. He was only with us since August. So I didn’t know him that well but talked to his mom a few times. Just come home safe, man.

Q. Fourth and one, obviously you all had a timeout. What was the conversation like? And that call, who came up with that call?
COACH MEYER: It worked so I’ll take credit for that. That was mine. We gave them a little set that we haven’t been in before with the two backs in the backfield and a little emotional over the top to try to hold the backers, because their backers are so downhill, and I simply asked our offensive line coach very charismatically, can we get it?
And without hesitation, he looked me right in the eye and said we can.
And a lot of conversation went into the play call about who we’re going to run behind and you run right behind Elflein and Taylor, and they’re good players. And had all the confidence in the world.

Q. You talked this week about wanting to sing the fight song after the game, win a rivalry game. You’ve had this 24 hour rule for celebrating wins. Can you still enjoy a full 24 hours now that you have to maybe shake some things up on offense?
COACH MEYER: No, no, we’re going to enjoy that. We’re going to get to work. 24 hours, yeah, I’ll probably give them 22, because the coaches gotta be back in tomorrow and still not sure do we know who we’re playing yet? So we’ll find out. But we’re going to enjoy this. For those who grew up in the state of Ohio, this is the game. And there was a saying one time that said you can lose every game other than this one. Once again, I don’t buy that, but that’s the way we approached this game. And our guys are going to enjoy this. But they know what’s ahead of them.
Senior tackle used to be, it all started, I want to say it was 101st year of senior tackle back in the day that started when this was the last game. There weren’t games after this. I guess the Rose Bowl.
But this was the last game. And obviously there’s going to be more after this one. So we’re going to enjoy it but get back to work.

Q. You talked about all the emotional swings that you guys have had to deal with, your team, too. You also got Michigan’s best on this day. What does it say about your team, the way you guys responded in the fourth to really put it away and kind of feel good the last couple of minutes?
COACH MEYER: I think there was another key part of the game is the two minute drill right before the half. That was, we weren’t playing very well. We kind of bogged down.
And 95 yard drive given up on defense. So to come out in the second half, go right down the field and score and our defense created turnovers. So I’m very pleased once again special teams were outstanding. We did a good job punting the ball. Cameron averaged almost 50 yards per punt.
So it was just a well done game.

Q. Losing J.T., how do you think that’s going to affect your chances to make the college football playoff and your resumé in front of the committee?
COACH MEYER: I didn’t think of it until you said it. We won the game. I think it’s all going to be how we play next week. And I think we’re going to have Cardale ready to go next week.

Q. How active could Jalin Marshall be in the quarterback position now, would he be more duty there?
COACH MEYER: As you guys enjoy the victory and they enjoy the victory that’s what I’ll be thinking about and Tom Herman. I can imagine he’ll be involved.

Q. I’m told you’re the first guy to 3 0 in the first three games against Michigan since the mid 30s. Proud of that, I assume.
COACH MEYER: We’ll take that as a coaching staff and team. That’s a hell of an honor.

Q. Can you just talk about what was going through your head when you saw J.T. go down and you went out on the field to see him like that?
COACH MEYER: That was a sick feeling. Anytime. I love J.T., but when Christian Bryant went down last year, just the leadership involved.
The good thing is I think we have more leaders on this team right now than we did back then. And just, I’m sure like everybody in that stadium, because that kid’s a frickin’ warrior.
Injuries come to the guy that’s trained as hard as he does, he’s a strained guy. You just see the way he plays.

Q. How many teams can still be good when you’re on your third quarterback in the season; isn’t that tough?
COACH MEYER: Buckeyes can be. I’m not worried about other teams. Buckeyes certainly can be good I’ve said this many times, the quarterback is a product of the guys around him and the guys around him are playing pretty good right now. The good thing is they a have similar skill set and so it’s not like we’re going to have to drastically change things.

Q. You were kind of being pushed around, not playing very well the second quarter. How big was J.T. getting it into the end zone with seven seconds?
COACH MEYER: Huge. Huge. We had two timeouts. And I kept watching that clock. We had them kind of rolling a little bit. Almost burned it but we had them going a little bit. So I think that was a difference in the game.
Lou Holtz always said the last five minutes of the first half, first five minutes of second half, that’s where all the momentum is at. And we went into the locker room with a lot of momentum.